First blog post

For my first post here, I’d like to introduce you to my manuscript.

Even at twenty-six, sitting in the principal’s office makes my knees shake. The wildflowers on my skirt flutter as if caught in a spring breeze atop a mountain. I wipe my sweaty palms over the flowers to steady them, wishing I could transfer some of the moisture from my hands to my mouth, which grows increasingly dry by the second. Can Mr. Peterson tell I’m about to pass out from weighing all the possible reasons for this meeting?

Miss Morgan.” He folds his hands and brings them to his chin. “We need to talk.”

Despite the impending doom from those dreaded four words, maybe this meeting is the normal end of the year evaluation conversation. Mr. Peterson will tell me how my first year as a full-time teacher was fantastic and how my freshmen loved me. But my brain is conditioned to expect the worst. And his sorrowful dark eyes and blank expression don’t suggest a Teacher of the Year nomination.

This school may not be the right fit for you.”

Not the right fit? But this is McKinley High, the school that saved me from becoming a professional substitute, like a forever bridesmaid or an overqualified understudy. I shift in the stuffy chair and stare at my principal.

I believe there is an opening better suited for you elsewhere. I’ll have to make some calls.” His smile attempts to console but instead thickens the bile creeping up my throat.

I…I won’t be here next year?” I grip the leather arms.

I’m Only Me begins with Lily Morgan discovering she is being bumped from her dream job teaching English. Since this has been her dream since the second grade, she doesn’t know quite how to process this information.

She soon meets her quirky neighbor, Tyler Stone, a free-spirited musician. Before long, Lily finds herself completely enamored by him, despite his mixed signals and unpredictable behavior. He becomes her top priority over her friends and her teaching  dreams.

Lily must decide if Tyler is the right path for her, or if letting him go to focus on her career is the better choice.

This novel is written in first person, present tense and fits into the women’s fiction/romantic comedy genre.

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