Bob Dylan

“Don’t like Bob Dylan, huh?” -Tyler

I was never a Bob Dylan fan.

Until I made Tyler a Bob Dylan fan.

Well, I’m not a fan, per say, but I have a newfound appreciaton for him. All because of this fictional character of mine…who was in my head all along. Yeah, explain that one. In trying to convince Lily how awesome Bob Dylan is, Tyler ended up convincing me. Sorta.

To Tyler, Bob Dylan is the greatest songwriter of all time. I’m not saying I agree with that, because, honestly, I’m not familiar enough with his writing to agree, but he won the Nobel Prize in literature this past year, so that’s saying something. And until I started listening to his music more, I wrote him off as that guy with the weird voice. (And the abnormally attractive son. Whatever happened to The Wallflowers anyway?)

Tyler’s favorite Dylan song, which makes it my favorite as well, is “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right.” I’d think, whether you’re a Dylan fan or not, you’d enjoy this one. Think of it as a Dylan introduction, especially if, like me, the only Dylan you knew before was “Like a Rolling Stone.”

Or you’ll hate it. I don’t think I liked it at first, now that I think about it. At any rate, the title itself is a comforting sentiment.

Bob Dylan plays an influential role in Tyler’s character. My fear down the line is copyright. Recently, I was reading about the legalities of using song lyrics. If I’m understanding correctly, it’s safe to use a song title. Now, I’m not quoting whole songs in the book, but I do use the “Don’t Think Twice”song title, and I did quote one line that I can recall. But what happens when the title is also a line in the song? Hmm. If anyone knows anything about this, please comment. I have a long way to go before this becomes an issue, so I’m not going to worry about it now. That’s like spending this afternoon stressing over what I’m going to wear to my first book signing…as I sit here, agentless…


Unlike Tyler, I don’t know Dylan’s life story or his musical inspiration. I don’t wear shirts with Dylan’s face on them. I don’t watch his interviews on YouTube. And I’m fine with that. But I’d be lying if I said my opinion wasn’t changed. It’s amazing to me what writers can learn from the characters they create. If not for Tyler, I would never have bought a Bob Dylan Greatest Hits LP. That’s for sure. True, it was only a buck, but still.

I certainly wouldn’t have dedicated a blog post to him either.

Have your characters opened your eyes to new experiences?


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