Book Trailer

I made a book trailer! I highly recommend making one. Besides a great promotional tool, it was a ton of fun. Too bad there’s a watermark on it, but I didn’t want to commit to an Animoto subscription for a seventy second clip, you know? Anyway, hope you like it!

(Not working? Click here.)

As a teacher, I used to find and show book trailers to my students for all the novels we read in class, but I always heard the same complaint: “That’s not what he looks like!” So for this trailer, I purposely cropped their faces out of the frame the best I could.

You can make your own video here. I used the Inkwell theme. I didn’t notice the perfect Back to School option until I was finished! If you’re interested in a subscription to Animoto, it’s $8 a month as of 1/4/16. Although I like this site, I’m hoping to find another way to make a trailer. Any suggestions?

Music credit goes to the amazing cover of Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice” by Martin DX1. Check out his video here.

Thanks for watching! If you have a book trailer, I’d love to see it. Post the link below in the comments!

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