Meet Hunter Morris

Hunter Morris is Lily’s BFF and love advisor. Of all the characters, I would love to hang out with Hunter the most.

What do you look like?
My hair is blond and a little spiky. I really need to get these roots taken care of. I can’t grow a beard to save my life. Anna says I look like a twig, but it’s called slim. I love my eyes. They’re this light blue. I wish you could see them.
What do you like to wear?
The brighter the better. The smaller, the more fabulous. Animal prints, pinks, neons. I’ll wear anything really. Sometimes I shop in the junior’s section. They fit me better. Clothes are self expression. I’m stuck in a suit at work, so I like to come home and wear something more me.
How do you like to socialize?
Anywhere, anytime, with anyone. I like going to Starbucks to meet new people. Or the library for the intellectuals! Oh, and T&G if I’m really desperate. That’s our Walmart. Yeah, we don’t have a Walmart. I know, right?

What was your first best friend like?
I didn’t have many real friends in elementary school, because I was trying so hard to be like everyone else instead of being myself. But then I met Anna in middle school, and I was able to come out of my shell. She’s a force of nature. And she introduced me to Lily, so I owe her big!
What ‘group’ were you in during your high school years?
I had friends in all groups. I can’t be contained to one! I’m not saying I was accepted into all the groups, but I sure tried. The goth people scared me.
What did you want to be when you grew up–and what did you end up becoming?
A fashion designer, bank teller, interior decorator, professional poker player, singer, dancer, PI, mural artist. I’m an accountant now. I love numbers.
What are your hobbies?
Oh, where do I start? Poker! Shopping, flower arranging, hanging with my girls-Lily and Anna, giving advice, reading mags, making vision boards, Ryan Gosling…I’m sorry, what were you saying?
What music do you listen to?
Anything with a danceable beat. Crank it up so the bass vibrates your whole body. My favorite song ever is “What is Love” because, well, duh. It’s a masterpiece. I also love, love, love Duran Duran.
What annoys you?
I hate how Lily is so down on herself. I’m working on it. I don’t like being stuck between friends either. I really hate being single, but it is what it is.
What makes you laugh?
Lily! My girl is a hoot! Plus I try to see the humor in almost every situation. There’s always a silver lining if you look hard enough.
Are you a dog or a cat person?
Neither. I’ve always liked fish. They come in so many colors. I have a fish tank full of neon tetras at work.
What’s your favorite season? Summer means less clothes and that’s always a good thing. But I love Christmas! Maybe I’ll celebrate Christmas in the summer next year.
Do you drink alcohol?
Only for celebrations. I’m fun enough without it! Obviously. My uncle was an alcoholic and whew, my aunt gave all the cousins a long speech when we were younger. It stuck with me. If a speech starts, If you drink, you will die, you’re not going to forget it. Trust me.
What do you feel most passionately about?
Being happy and making sure the people in my life are happy too. Life’s too short!
What trait do you find most admirable in others?
I like people who are generous with whatever skills they have, people who use their talents for good. I love seeing that in action.
What scares you?
OMG, clowns! Is there anything more frightening? I think not.
What are your long term goals?
I’m going to take over my accounting firm. You just wait. It’s so happening. I want a bigger office.
What are your bad habits?
Sometimes I talk too much. And my natural effervescence isn’t always well received. It’s not like I’m butting into things. I just want to be a part of it! Lily says I’m too dramatic, like, really? Me?
If you could have lived in another decade which would it have been?
OMG, the eighties for sure. I love the music and style. I was alive for part of the eighties, but I was too young to appreciate it in all its fabulous glory. Sometimes I rock the leg warmer look just for the heck of it.
What do you do when you’re bored?
Bored? What’s that? Seriously though, I stay busy between my job, Anna, Lily’s man drama, shopping, and poker.
What do you think happens after we die?
Beats me. I don’t think about death. Life is too much fun.
If you were to come into money what would you do with it?
I’d give it to Lily. My girl needs a break. Unless the mall was having a sale. But I’d take her with me and buy her stuff.
Who was the love of your life?
Oh my, when I was a lowly intern at my current firm, there was this guy named Fernando who worked the coffee cart. We never actually dated or spoke to each other much besides coffee talk, but I saw our entire life together in my head. Ah, Fernando. I should look him up.

Questions from Carly Watters: 30 Questions to Ask Your Main Character


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