Where Author and MC Meet: Part 1

I never intended to write a novel. It happened accidentally. I certainly didn’t set out to write a main character who is almost more me than I am.

English teacher, romantic comedy fan, cat lover, funny (I can say that about myself, right?), music fan, doubter, pessimist but “working on it”, small town dweller, fall enthusiast…I may have taken the notion of “write what you know” a bit too literally.

But for this “What Lily and I Have in Common” series, I must start with teaching and what prompted this accidental novel in the first place.

The short version goes like this: I was a content high school English teacher whose dream job teaching ninth and tenth grade was bruised when I was involuntarily transferred to middle school. Like Lily, I was told at the end of the school year, my first official one (again, just like Lily), so I had all summer to mull it over. And even though this event happened in 2011, the wound remains as fresh as the day I sat in that office and heard my fate. So fresh that I must now excuse myself to find more gauze.

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