Writing Fears

I’ve been watching Vlog Brothers videos for years, and this is one of my favorites. I could listen to John Green talk about anything. In this video, he talks about trying to follow up the huge success of The Fault in Our Stars. His answer makes me respect him even more than I already had. Honesty at its finest.

Please don’t think I have such an ego that I anticipate experiencing this on any level, that I’ll have all this pressure to write a follow-up as awesome as I’m Only Me (HA!), but it does make me think about those who write as a career.

I used to love to read. Then I became an English major, which turned reading into a chore and something I would dread. I’m glad to say this has changed since I no longer have to worry about deadlines and only having time to read books on a syllabus.

Then I became a teacher, regulated to the same four books every year. And while I enjoyed the different perspectives and reactions from the students, it became monotonous, especially when you don’t like one or more of those books. Trust me. Wow.

The point here is that I’ve often wondered about having some sort of job in the writing field, but I worry it would kill one of the few things I’m so passionate about. Writing would no longer be a release. It’d be an assignment. Just like reading Heart of Darkness was in college. Good Lord, no.

For the time being, I’m going to enjoy writing and be thankful I have it. I know not everyone can sit and write and feel comfort in it.

My advice is this: don’t worry about the next project–or if there will even be a next project–and focus on what you have now. Don’t worry about pleasing everyone and create for yourself. Don’t worry about what people might say about it and just relish in the joy of simply creating it.

Happy creating!

5 thoughts on “Writing Fears

  1. “Heart of Darkness” *Shudders* Read that my junior year of high school. Did I mention we were a bunch of kids of the African diaspora? It was sooooooo boring. I do remember I said that very scholarly about it and my class talked about it for weeks. My teacher was so impressed. Lol.

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