When Your Plans Fail

You know that feeling when you hear something and you think that person has read your mind? Or that person just gets it?

That’s this. This video. Right here. “Supposedtobes.”

Yep. Ze Frank does it again. His pawn shop metaphor gives me life.

Most of the time, before I go to sleep, I think about all the things I want to accomplish the next day. When I get up in the morning though…it’s a different story.

I feel like this is common, at least that’s what I tell myself, that people feel motivated and make plans and then, I don’t know, something happens? Maybe not. I blame part of this on my procrastination, which has plagued me my entire life. I always tell myself there’s time or I’ll do it later.

Specifically, I have a list of agents I’d like to query. I even made an OCD style chart with names, Twitter handles, websites, submission guidelines, everything! So what’s the problem? Just send them already!

But there are just some mornings where I feel like the day “can’t be fixed” and I tell myself I’ll try again tomorrow. I know this stems from a fear of rejection (which is a whole blog post in and of itself), but it seems like there must be more to it.

And I think I know.

The query letter. The worst piece of writing for any author. I’m frowning as I type this. They’re that bad. I don’t think my query is up to snuff, even though I’ve tried to add some life to it. Several times. And I don’t want to send it out again until I’ve made it better. I’m pretty sure that’s what’s stalling the process.

I’ve just always found it strange how I either have all the motivation in the world or none at all. But this week, I’m pushing through the dreaded querying process. It’s now or never, people!

May you find the motivation you need this week! 🙂 Happy writing, all.

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