I’m Only Me Soundtrack: Track 2

The next song from my book’s soundtrack I’d like to spotlight is “All the Same” by Sick Puppies. This is one of the worst named bands in music history, but they make awesome music. Here’s a lyric video for the song:

There isn’t one particular scene where this song fits, but the lyrics remind me of the relationship between Tyler and Lily. It’s quite perfect actually.

I can’t say whose POV this song is told from. I think it changes depending on the verse/chorus anyway. 🙂 What I can say is about one million of those four million views are mine.

This song sparked some kind of Sick Puppies obsession for a while. I definitely go through music phases where I’ll only listen to one band exclusively. And this song in particular was pretty much on a loop for a solid week in the middle of writing IOM.

When I discovered the live acoustic version and acoustic strings version, just forget it. The music video ever so slightly reminds me of my book at times, which kind of freaks me out because of the consequence. It’s mostly just the setting. They also used this song for that viral Free Hugs video. For some reason.

I think the lead singer has left the band, just FYI. In case anyone asks you or something.

The number of times I listened to “All the Same” while writing this blog post will be my little secret.

Music is my first love, after all.

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