Blog Take-Over: Tyler Edition

Hey. Tyler here. So I was asked to write a blog. Not sure what a blog is, but I’ll do my best. Thought I’d talk about my music idol, the man, Bob Dylan. The greatest songwriter of all time. No debate necessary. Dylan helped me through some trying times. His lyrics are pure poetry, man. Totally deserved that noble prize. Best way to get into Dylan for those who aren’t is to start with his more commercial songs. It seems my favorite Dylan song has already been posted, so enjoy this one instead:

Don’t know if I linked all that right. Not much into this sort of technology, online journals, or whatever this thing is. I’m on my phone a lot, but I swear I’m not on Facebook or Twitter. Not taking pictures of my lunch for some pathetic reason. And dear god, I’m not about to talk politics with strangers on a screen, you know?

Back to Dylan. I like being me. Comfortable in my own skin and all that. But if I could be another person, I’d pick Dylan. Life doesn’t get any better than sitting on the train tracks with Dylan singing in your ears. Think I’ll go do that when I’m done with this. Been a few days since I’ve been out there…

Speaking of that, find that thing, whatever it is. That thing that makes you feel alive. Makes you want to get out of bed. Find that thing and do it. Don’t let go. Screw anyone who tries to stop you. Best advice I can give you.

So although Dylan is my hero, Jimi Hendrix started my love of guitar. I’ll try to post another video. Should be Woodstock. Yeah, his guitar work planted the seed. Never looked back. Bought my first guitar summer after I saw some of this footage. Mom even made me bell bottoms like his. Can’t just go buy pants like that in the 90s, you know. Put a bandana in my hair too. The whole bit. Good times.


I’m also into Pink Floyd. David Gilmour is a genius. His solos are other worldly. I’ll let him speak for himself.


Noticed there’s a comment section down below. Hit me up if you want. Guess that’s it. I’ll leave you with another Dylan. Thanks for letting me host. Have a good one. Later.


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