Blog Take-Over: Hunter Edition

OMG, I am so honored to be doing this, you have no idea! I wrote some notes so that I wouldn’t just ramble on and on. (I read Tyler’s post. What was that? He has the best hair ever, but his brain is beyond bizarre. God love him.)

Let’s get started!

When I found out I was allowed to post videos, I knew exactly which one I wanted. Are you ready for this? It’s the music video for “What is Love” by Haddaway! OMG, it’s the best song ever! This has been my favorite song since for-ev-er. There was that stupid SNL skit where those guys bob their heads and it made this song into a joke. Like excuse me? Don’t diss Haddaway. OK, let’s watch!

OMG, I can’t even. It’s a perfect mix of chest and vest! Can you say, yum???

The video is perfect. Random vampire girl? You bet. Weird black bra cups? Yep. Cameraman trying to work the zoom button? Check. Silver-ringed finger Vs over face? Yes! (That’s the best part!) Why this isn’t everyone’s favorite song, I’ll never know. It’s even my ringtone! If you’re having a bad day, put this on and I guarantee you’ll be so visually and auditorily stimulated, you’ll forget what you were even upset about.

Lily makes fun of me because I made up an entire dance routine to this song when I was in middle school. I still dance it every once and a while! She’s caught me a few times still doing it. She just doesn’t understand. She’s into that old music, like Beatles and a bunch of bands who are all dead now. And she’s been listening to Bob Dylan lately. Like, I know you’re obsessed with Tyler, but come on now. Bob Dylan?! There are other ways to show you care, but this isn’t that kind of blog.

Let’s move on. When I told Lily I was asked to do this, she told me not to talk about my job because it would bore everyone. Apparently being an accountant isn’t glamorous. Girl, I’m the most glam accountant you’ll ever meet! But I promised I wouldn’t talk about work, so I won’t.

Next! This is fun! 🙂 I love playing poker. It’s my crack. I get together with the guys from work for poker nights. It used to only be one night a week, but like any addict will tell you, once a week isn’t enough! We play as often as we can. My pap taught me when I was in high school. So instead of reading The Scarlet Letter or whatever “classic” we had to, I played poker. It’s called Cliffs Notes, teacher lady!

It would be a disgrace to the whole world if I didn’t talk about my girls, Anna and Lily! OMG, we’ve been inseparable since middle school. I swear, I wasn’t even alive until sixth grade. Like I didn’t know what being a human was. I was that lost without them! We’re so great together. But life happens. Anna got married, so that changed our dynamic. Then Nathan, that’s her husband, got this CEO job and he’s always at work. I love it because it’s like Anna’s back! Then we had to deal with Todd and we hardly saw Lily for three years. Then they broke up and Lily was back! Now Lily’s obsessing over Tyler. I can’t quite figure it out! She seems so happy one minute and the next, she’s super stressed over wondering what his deal is.

As for me, I’ve never let a guy come before my girls! I, of course, know how to balance friends and lovers. We all should be so skilled. I’m in between guys for now, but I’m always, and I mean always, on the lookout. To all the singles out there, take it from me. You need to look at the library, the supermarket, and Starbucks. If you don’t find a date in three days or less, I’ll be surprised!

There should have been a word count limit, because OMG I could talk forever! Thanks so much for letting me crash the blog. I’d love to do it again! Let me know! Bye! 🙂

Holy You’ve Got Mail! There’s a comment section???? Yes, please!

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