I’m Only Me Soundtrack: Track 4

The next song on my soundtrack is “Over and Over” from one of my favorite bands, Three Days Grace.

Why this song? Here’s the thing. This seems like a love song, right? Well…

There’s some speculation that “Over and Over” is actually about the lead singer’s drug addiction, and he wrote it while in rehab. Knowing the lyrics, this makes perfect sense to me and is actually the reason I included it.

I’ve always seen Tyler as a drug to Lily. She can’t get enough of him. She puts him above her friends. She always takes him back no matter what he does.

Three Days Grace helped me through some tough times. I know how cliché that sounds, but it’s the truth. Music, as I’ve mentioned, is my number one. Yes, writing is its own form of therapy, but music is, above all, my saving grace. No pun intended.

While I like this song and how unbelievably perfect it is from Lily’s POV, I’d have to say my favorite Three Days Grace song is “The High Road.”* This song had some serious airplay during my last year of teaching. All their albums did actually. I found a comforting source of strength from these songs. “Never Too Late” anyone? I mean, come on now.

The first Three Days Grace I remember was “I Hate Everything About You”, which must be cranked up to truly appreciate. Sorry, it’s required. (The link is for a lyrics vid rather than the official vid that bleeps out “hit” because that bleep pisses me off every time.) This is one of the few songs I have to listen to on repeat. And when I say that, I mean I have to. Unless it’s on the radio and out of my control, I will listen to it at least twice in a row. I don’t know why; I don’t understand it; I know I’m weird. Plus, it’s a great song for Valentine’s Day. I bet you don’t know if I’m kidding or not.

I didn’t mean to go on a tangent there, but this band is complete and total awesome sauce. Adam Gontier, the lead singer, has left the band. They have a replacement and a new album, but to me, they’re dead. You can’t have TDG without Adam. Period. I know this type of music isn’t for everyone, and I respect that, but I highly recommend this band. But do yourself a favor and only listen to Adam. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


*Just in case you’re interested, here’s my favorite:

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