I’m Only Me Soundtrack: Track 5

The first time I heard “Breathe Me” by Sia was most likely on a commercial for something, maybe a movie trailer. Her voice is weird and I still don’t know if I even like it. But I do like this song.

There is a certain scene in particular from I’m Only Me that needed a song, a powerful, important, awesome song. I was stressing myself trying to find a match. Why was I stressing though? I mean, really, who cares? Geez, get a grip. But it mattered a lot at the time. I lead a simple life, what can I say?

Anyway, it’s not an obvious choice. At all. I think it’s perfect though. The mood of it especially is perfection.

The problem with this song is how people equate it to self-harm, suicide, depression, etc. Don’t believe me? Read the comments on YouTube. Wow. My scene is nothing like this, but I still stand by my choice. The core of the scene is Lily simply wanting Tyler to be there for her in that moment. So I think this works well for that.

If you’re not into Sia’s weird “I’m dying-get me oxygen” voice, listen to the instrumental. It is amazing.

Unless I find a way to be super cryptic, where I say something without saying anything, this will be the last soundtrack song I share. I may change my mind though. It’s my blog after all. 🙂

Till next time.

2 thoughts on “I’m Only Me Soundtrack: Track 5

  1. The song not bad but not sure I like her breathy voice like you said. Thanks to Wattpad, I’ve gotten into adding soundtracks for my individual chapters. Even though each WIP has their own song that incorporates what the story is about. I have Kem “Nobody” for my 1st adult romance and Alicia Keys “In Common” for its sequel. And Ruelle “Until We Go Down” for my mythic fiction WIP. Still haven’t found ‘the’ song for my 2 YA WIPs.

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