My Favorite Sounds

Besides music & in no particular order:

  1. rain
  2. rain
  3. Mocha walking down the stairssomething i found VERY visually pleasing. the gradient in the background sets a romantic mood with a slight cold feel due to the shade of the colours utilized. the white sound waves and lines in the foreground are very sophisticated yet very futuristic and modern seeming. the white works very well with a dark and colourful background.:
  4. my Keurig
  5. breaking the seal of a jar
  6. walking on leaves
  7. purrs
  8. opening a soda bottle
  9. laughing babies
  10. drumming fingers
  11. the microwave ding!
  12. multiple people typing simultaneously
  13. ripping paper
  14. grandfather clocks
  15. tap shoes

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