Songs for Repeat: Part Three

More songs? You betcha.

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11. “There’s No Going Back” Sick Puppies

Wow, these lyrics. You know when you hear a song and think it was made for you? Or the singer is talking to you? Yeah, that’d be this song for me. I first heard it when I most needed to hear it. I was wrestling with my job, and trying to decide if I should quit, and what my future looked like, and all these overwhelming feelings. This song just came at the right time. That’s all there is to it.

Yesterday was another life
Turning left didn’t turn out right
Stuck in hell when I was twenty-five
You can’t regret what you don’t decide

I should have stayed, should have let go
Should’ve, could’ve means you’ll never know

I’ve mentioned this band before (and how awful their name is) because their song “All the Same” is part of my I’m Only Me soundtrack. That song is also repeat worthy to the extreme, but since I already raved about it, I won’t do it again. But both of these songs prompted a serious Sick Puppies obsession. For the record, yes, I had a crush on the singer. Come on, he’s Australian! (I’m going to stop admitting my musician crushes, because I don’t want you to think I have a problem. I may actually have one.)


12. “Jenny” Nothing More

Nothing More was the first band on this list. Granted, “Jenny” doesn’t come anywhere close to “This is the Time” but it’s still a great song, and I think it gets better the more I listen to it. It kind of hits you in the gut, but in the best way. The video is pretty intense, as far as music videos go, but I’d much rather see this medium being used to shine a light on important issues like addiction, than just another video with a bunch of half-naked ladies. But that’s just me. Can we talk about Jonny’s vocal range again? It’s insane. Why isn’t this band huge? Seriously, human race, you disappoint.

I have a deep interest in mental health, addiction, depression, etc. If I were a much stronger person, I think a career as an addictions counselor or something similar would be rewarding. But in actuality, I would just sit there and cry as they told me about why they started down such a road. Clearly not the job for me. Intervention is one of my favorite shows. I’ll just have to live vicariously through Candy Finnegan. Fine by me.

Bring on the pills, roll that dollar bill
Medicating will never heal
Relapse, rehab, repeat
Always thinking about the me, me, me
Self-destruct, spiral down
Until your want becomes your need
Please get up like I know you can
Or forever love the fall
The lead singer has a personal connection to this topic, which I think makes the song more honest and raw. I just love this one. What else can I say?
13. “Trippin on a Hole in a Paper Heart” Stone Temple Pilots
Speaking of addiction…Scott Weiland. Man, what a talent. When he died, I had a complete STP binge. I had always liked this band, but for about three months after his death, they were all I listened to. I should probably start a “Best Acoustic Versions” list (I think I will) because STP makes amazing acoustic versions of their songs. Anyway, it was super hard to choose one STP song for this list, but I went with “Trippin'” because it’s the most repeat worthy of their songs I think. He looks so young in this video too. Some of these lyrics though. It’s not quite the same song now as it was then.
Is it their greatest song? No. Easiest to hear multiple times in a row? Probably. The instrumental version is equally awesome.

14. “Aerials” System of a Down

I remember one time I told my mom this was one of my favorite songs ever, and she thought I was kidding. I think she laughed at me too. But it is. I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of the band, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard a song of theirs that wasn’t a single. But I do know I have played this song to death. It takes me back to high school.

So what is it about “Aerials” that makes it so great? I have no idea. You like what you like, right? The drum track is killer. The last 30 seconds, I could listen to forever until the end of my days. “Aerials” as opposed to say “Chop Suey” shows such a different side to this guy’s voice. The music video is incredibly strange, but it’s one I’ve always remembered. And the instrumental version is total awesome sauce. Total. Awesome. Sauce. Spread it on your pasta.


15. “Words as Weapons” Seether

Getting back to the importance of lyrics, I bring you “Words as Weapons.” I played this on repeat and repeat and repeat. And repeat. There’s something about that line, “All I really want is something beautiful to say” that I can’t get enough of. And “Words are weapons of the terrified.” Man, love it. I remember the verses being accused of sounding too much like “Mad World” by Gary Jules. Yeah, I sort of hear it, but they’re both great songs, so get over it.

I don’t have much to say about “Words as Weapons.” I usually have a story about the band, or when I first heard it, or the overdramatic feelings I get, but I just really love this song. That’s all.

Until next time.

I'm able to find the rhythm of my heart when I have music.:


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