Songs for Repeat: Part Five

Part Five already?! Wow. What’s the point of this again? I have no idea.

Scott Weiland- So many of his songs have gotten me through really hard times! #RIPScottWeiland #STP #YouAreMissed:

21) “Never Too Late” Three Days Grace

The world we knew won’t come back
The time we’ve lost can’t get it back
The life we had won’t be ours again

I cannot for the life of me understand how I have gotten to number 21 without including Three Days Grace. I am so ashamed! I will amend that right now.

First, the band. When “I Hate Everything About You” came out, I was hooked. Like a freaking fish. I’ve been playing the hell out of that song for the past fourteen years. Really. It actually inspired this whole “Songs for Repeat” list. Three Days Grace, like Breaking Benjamin, is one of those “I owe you big time” bands. Their songs helped me face life sometimes. If you judge them by “I Hate Everything About You” you’re doing them a huge disservice. So many of their songs are inspirational and motivating. “One X” and “Life Starts Now” come to mind.

And this song, of course. “Never Too Late” is said to be the song Adam Gontier is most proud of. Choosing a permanent favorite TDG song is like choosing my favorite finger, but “Never Too Late” is probably their most meaningful one. When I resigned from my job, this was the song I repeated in the car over and over for about thirty minutes, as I took the extremely long out-of-the-way way home and tried not to wreck with my tear filled eyes. Memories, eh? (I would just like to note, despite the lyrical content, I was not suicidal. Don’t worry. Not that you were worried. OK. Moving on.)

There are some songs that you hold on a pedestal because they remind you of a time or a person, they make you feel like nothing else does or can, or the lyrics inspire you. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter, because it’s important to you. “Never Too Late” is on a very special pedestal for me.


22) “To the Moon and Back” Savage Garden

Oh, Savage Garden! SG is my first favorite band that I discovered on my own, meaning it wasn’t the music played in the house anyway and therefore I had to like it too. I remember my first SG exposure clearly. We had this store in my town with one of those machines where you pressed buttons to hear thirty second clips from CDs on sale. Know those machines? Savage Garden’s self-titled debut was one of those CDs, and this track was the sample. Love at first hear. Ah, the 90s. What a time to be alive. Actually, I have a thing for 90s music, but that’s probably only true because it’s what I grew up listening to.

This duo broke up after only two albums. Sad face. Darren Hayes has one of the best and most underrated voices. He had a solo career, but since you’ve never heard of him, I’m going to assume it wasn’t all that successful. But I got to see Savage Garden live before they split. My dad agreed to drive five hours to see them because he’s the best dad ever. Sorry to all the other dads. Mine wins.

I don’t have any sort of personal connection to the meaning of the song. It’s just awesome and makes me feel young again, and that’s always a welcomed feeling.


23) “Wasteland” 10 Years

This song had some serious airplay on my iPod, or anything else with speakers, when I was in college. I love this guy’s voice. He has quite a range. 10 Years is another example of a band that should’ve been much bigger than they were. I’ll be honest though. I know nothing about them. I mean, some bands I’m like an encyclopedia for. I can tell you the names of all the band members, all their albums and singles, blah blah blah. Not this band, so I guess I’m being hypocritical when I say they should’ve been more popular.

Play it loud or don’t play it. That’s all I can say.


24) “The Kill” 30 Seconds to Mars

I’ll start with this album as a whole. My first year of teaching was the hardest year of my life. I had about a fifteen minute commute to school, and this CD played to and from that school for almost the entire year. And I played it so loud, I most likely damaged my hearing. I wish I was kidding. I just needed that loud, angry sound to pump me up for the day…and then to yell along with after the day was over. Track 1 is “Attack” and man, that’s the one that really got me ready to face the day. Car karaoke, for sure. (I just listened to “Attack” and I’m not sure I even like it anymore. Weird.)

“The Kill” is the one I’d repeat the most. And play everywhere. And obsess over. Like a few other songs, I’m in love with all versions: It doesn’t matter! Bring it on! Acoustic (with strings!)InstrumentalVocals Only. Even Drums OnlyBass Only, and Guitar Only!! I’m serious.

The music video is pretty cool. It’s like The Shining.

I must also admit my complete, intoxicating love for the man himself, Jared Leto. Let’s just be real here for a minute. Whether or not you agree with me, Jared Leto is the most beautiful male specimen to ever exist. He cannot be topped. It just can’t happen. His face is perfection. It’s as if every facial feature was handcrafted by some sort of human face expert trained by God himself. I defy you to tell me a man who is more attractive than Jared Leto. I really want to post a slew of pictures right now, but this is about the music, so I won’t. I’ll just sigh instead.


25) “I Don’t Love You” My Chemical Romance

MCR is back on the list. I’ve previously explained my adoration for The Black Parade album, and really any song could be featured on this list. (“Famous Last Words” all day, every day.) But this song is repeatable for the lyrics and for being just plain awesome. You probably knew this was coming, but the instrumental is also amazing.

Here’s Gerard with his black hair (my favorite!) looking all kinds of sad and dramatic as ever. I love the black and white style they chose. And that guitar solo is delicious.

When you go, would you even turn to say
I don’t love you like I did yesterday

This song gets a lot of airplay on February 14.

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way is the Sass Queen:


I thought I’d be finished after five sections of this list, but I think I have one more in me.


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