Songs for Repeat: Part Six

Woo! Here we go again! :

26) “My Own Worst Enemy” Lit

Oh, man. This song takes me back to middle school. I was so in love with “My Own Worst Enemy” and I remember thinking how cool I was to like a song so hardcore. LOL. Good times. This remains one of my favorite music videos of all time. Who knew bowling was so awesome? That man can jump.

And this song? Catchy as hell. I bought the album and played it to death. I’m not sure what happened to these guys. They had so much potential. A Place in the Sun is a solid album, and I don’t think they deserve one-hit-wonder status. Although they had a few songs after this one, none of them came close. Oh, well.


27) “Wings of a Butterfly” HIM

If you want to talk about band obsessions, whatever is beyond “obsession” is the relationship I had with HIM. It was all HIM, all the time for probably five years of my life, starting in high school and on into college. I had all their albums. I downloaded concerts off the internet. I had Ville Valo all over my wall. (Yeah, love ain’t the word for this man.) I started learning Finnish for crying out loud! I watched every interview they ever did. I listened to every version of every song they ever made. It was sort of concerning looking back at it. But this band was my everything.

The obsession started much like my Breaking Benjamin obsession. I saw the video for “Wings of a Butterfly” on MTV2’s The Rock Countdown. So this song in particular started it all. I couldn’t get enough of it. Even though I don’t condone ripping the wings off of butterflies, I’m still in love with this song. And now that I’m over my obsession with HIM, I can put on one of their albums and just remember that time in my life. It’s sort of strange how music can do that, no?


28) “One Headlight” The Wallflowers

The 90s: a great era of music. The music of my youth. “One Headlight” came out with I was in middle school, and I fell in love with it instantly. I love every second of it. The Wallflowers are an awesome band. Jakob Dylan’s voice is amazing, and I won’t mention anything else about him, but you can probably guess what I’m not saying.

I do remember wondering how Bob Dylan could have a son like this, you know? It’s funny how in middle school, I wouldn’t listen to Bob Dylan if you paid me, and now I voluntarily do. I actually listen to Bob Dylan more than Jakob Dylan these days. I never would’ve guessed.

This is another one of those songs that just instantly transports me back in time. I know I keep saying this, but it’s so true. And it’s so weird how that works.


29) “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” Cage the Elephant

This is a song I repeat just because it’s fun. I don’t have any obsession story with the band, and the song doesn’t remind me of anything from my past. The lyrics don’t resonate with me in life-changing ways. It’s just a fun, catchy song and as soon as it’s over, I want to hear it again. No, need. I need to hear it again.

The music video is lame. You know what isn’t though? You guessed it: the instrumental!


30) “Ashes of Eden” Breaking Benjamin

OK. Let me try to set the scene for you. Breaking Benjamin sort of broke up for a while, they had legal trouble, they got new members, and they formed anew. So after probably ten years, they released a new album. I was listening to this album in my kitchen, track by track, and when I got to this one, man. If you’re familiar with Breaking Benjamin, this isn’t their typical sound. I won’t say they’ve never made a “mellow” song, they have, but this one is on an entirely different level. I sort of just stopped what I was doing–probably doing dishes or something else menial–and listened to this the whole way through.

It’s a beautiful song regardless of literally any factors, but the fact that this is Breaking Benjamin, I don’t know, I was hit with this incredible wave of something other-worldly. I can’t even explain it. It was beyond awesome. I love this song. I’m assuming this track introduced a whole new group of people to the band since it’s more “radio friendly” I guess. I think even my mom would like it.

I’ve mentioned in a previous list that “Never Too Late” by TDG was played on repeat when I drove home after resigning from my job. That’s true, but I actually started with “Ashes of Eden” until I couldn’t take the feels anymore, and then I switched songs. Drama, much?

Breaking Benjamin:


You know what I’ve noticed? No female vocalists. Interesting. Sorry, ladies.

Music is life:

Is this the end of this series? Well, never say never. But I’m going to take a break for it for awhile. I hope you’ve enjoyed this list and maybe discovered a new song to love. That’d be awesome. If not, I’ve enjoyed sharing them with you and giving you a glimpse into just how weird I really am. Thanks for reading!


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