Where have I been?

Fear not. I have returned.

You know, it’s of little consequence I’ve been absent from this blog for most of April so far. However, I’ll let you know how I’ve been spending my waking hours on the off chance someone may actually read this and wish to know. Ha.

I got a new job. Sort of.

I’m not working for the government or anything, but the work I’m involved with is treated in the same way as top secret, behind closed doors, White House dealings. What I can tell you is I’m what’s called a Rater for the educational company, Pearson. This basically means I’m scoring student essays from 8:30 to 5:00. And that’s all I can say about it. 😛

Star Wars Yoda Meme | GRADING PAPERS I AM GRADING MACHINE I HAVE BECOME | image tagged in memes,star wars yoda | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

But, point being, by the time 5 PM rolls around, I can’t imagine writing anything, and I don’t even want to look at this screen anymore. What I’ve done with almost every one of my posts since starting this blog is to write them in the evenings–sometimes multiple posts–and schedule them for the mornings. I just haven’t felt like writing any posts. Plus, I’m out of ideas. Bad combo.

On the novel front, I’m about thirty pages away from my final read-through before I have a beta-reader have her way with it. I think. I don’t know if that will even pan out. My final read-through will actually be an audio read-through. I’ll be using this awesome site I’ve mentioned on a previous post. But I’ve gotten wise. Instead of the male voice, I’ll be using the female’s. Duh. Sometimes my stupidity amazes me.


In other news, because I’ve been lacking brain power lately, I’ve been watching Netflix, namely MST3k, instead of doing something productive. I’ve started the MST3K reboot as well. I’ve seen the first two episodes. While they’re funny and all, I do miss the old voices. I think they should’ve just made different robots if they were going to be voiced by different people. It’s possible this was explained in the show, but I always skip all the parts that aren’t the actual movie. Eh, whatever.

Tuesday night, I had the brilliant idea to watch a scary movie, which is something I almost never do. I hate being scared, and these movies tend to stick with me long after they’re over. I read an article about movies and shows to check out on Netflix, so I chose this movie I’d never heard of before called Hush. Why you ask? Well, what could make more sense than being home alone and watching a movie about a home invasion involving a woman who’s home alone? Exactly. What enticed me was the idea of a deaf main character. ASL is awesome. Period.

Here’s the trailer. Had I watched this first, I most likely would not have watched this movie. Alone. Or ever.

As far as the movie goes, for those who watch scary movies, it’s probably nothing worth talking about. But it definitely freaked me out. There was one scene in particular I had to mute and look away, but it’s not for reasons you may think. I didn’t want to see anything happen to the cat! It’s so strange. I mean, I can watch people die in all sorts of ways, but if there is any kind of animal abuse, I can’t handle it. I’m not a sick person, promise. One other scene had me saying, “Really? Is that necessary?” Otherwise, it was totally watchable. Of course, I watched it before the sun went down. Super important to note.

I will say if the main character wasn’t deaf, Hush would be your typical horror movie, but that trait added an intriguing layer to the story. Plus, having a killer so Average Joe really upped the creep factor. Maybe that’s typical, but to me, he seemed like any random dude, one you don’t see coming. Creepy x10.

Would I recommend this film? Yeah, I think so. It held my attention for sure. I liked the acting, even though there were moments I had to say, “No! What are you doing, you moron?!” But that’s every horror movie, right? I would not recommend watching it in the dark or alone, or alone in the dark. Ha! Even in the light of day, if I had someone’s arm to squeeze, you bet he would’ve lost feeling in it. I used to love to read the IMDB message boards after watching a movie, but they’re gone now. Bummer. So if you’ve seen Hush, what did you think?

I guess that’s all for now. In another week or two, I’ll try to keep these posts a bit more regular and a lot more focused on the topic of writing. But I make no guarantees.

Until then.

3 thoughts on “Where have I been?

  1. Loved, HUSH! We definitely need more movies like it. I love watching thrillers/horror/scary movies. My sister laughs at me because I actually gasp and flinch and jump when it’s appropriate. I’m like, “That’s what you’re supposed to do!” Anyway, congrats on the new job. Good luck with the Beta read. E&E is getting a alpha read through of what I have so far. Hopefully it’ll help me charge forward.

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