I Did A Thing. Incorrectly.

Most writers (aspiring and otherwise) on Twitter know about the pitch party opportunities, which occur several times a year. Yesterday was one such event called #DVPit.

Is my manuscript even pitchable at this point in time? Eh, not 100%, no. And so even considering participation in this event was foolish. That should’ve been my first clue.

But I tweeted anyway.

Image result for jared leto gif


However, that’s not the part I did incorrectly.

It just so happens #DVPit is exclusively for marginalized writers, which I am not. I swear I read the rules for this thing. But not carefully enough. 😦 So after posting three different pitches throughout the morning and early afternoon, and reading more tweets about this event, I suddenly realized, Oops. I am a moron. You can find more info about #DVPit here, in case this does apply to you.

So I had to delete my tweets, which was pretty painful, considering I actually got 2 likes! Even so, that right there was the confidence boost I so desperately needed.

Related image

So, kids, the moral of this story is…don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and take chances, but make sure you read the fine print.

3 thoughts on “I Did A Thing. Incorrectly.

  1. You might’ve made a guffaw but at least it resulted in something good. You got two likes and that’s something to celebrate. Have you done any research on who liked your tweets. In the future, when you’re manuscript is ready you might consider querying them.
    #DVpit is one of the pitches I plan to participate in once my manuscript is ready. As well as #PitMad, #pit2pub, #pitchslam and #ADpit. And whenever I complete and polish my fantasy manuscripts, I’ll definitely pitch it in #SFFPit too.

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    • Thanks, Lidy! One of the likes was indeed from someone on my “To Query” list, so that blew me away for sure! I’ve participated in these in the past, like #PitMad, but since I’m making some changes to my WIP, I really shouldn’t be pitching it right now. I couldn’t help myself! These pitch parties are too much fun and a great opportunity for writers. Twitter ftw!

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  2. Oh, man! It happens. I’m dying over here though. LOL. Insert meme of the Kool-Aid Man backing out of the wall he just burst through. But yay for likes! That means when you’re ready to pitch for real you should be super pumped and your MS will be even better.


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