It’s May!

Hello, all. Welcome to May. I want to post that Justin Timberlake meme, but I will refrain. Yeah, you know the one. Just knowing that you are now picturing it in your head, or googling it if you’re confused, is enough for me.

The first of the month, any month, is usually a positive and motivating day. A fresh start, to be as cliche as possible.

I stopped doing #authorconfession on Twitter for April, but I figured I’d pick it up again this month. For those who don’t know, this is a daily hashtag game (Is it a game though? It doesn’t feel like one…) with questions about your WIP and writing in general. Follow @_JM_Sullivan for details.

Today’s question was about your own writing goals for May, and I thought I’d share them here as well.

1) Stop editing: That’s right, folks. Stop editing. Stop the madness. As I have shared more than enough times, I’ve been working on the same novel since 2011. And I’m still adding more! I’d venture to say “major” edits are finished, but I’m still tweaking here and there. I’m supposed to be finding things to cut, but instead, I’m adding. I swear, I’m addicted to it. I need help. My “one more time” has yet to happen, but HOPEFULLY it will this week. Bring it on. I’m ready.

Image result for writing meme

2) Final beta read(s): I may be getting ahead of myself just a tad, but I, possibly, have two beta readers. Since they may fall through, I won’t get too excited. And I won’t even talk about it. Except–since I’ve made some changes to the plot, and little things here and there, I need someone–other than me!–to make sure it all makes sense now.

3) Having the courage to say goodbye to my characters: This is the toughest one, by far. I’ve said it before, but these characters are a part of me. I mean, literally, I created them, so that goes without saying, right? But it’s more than that. They’re so real to me, it’s a borderline “go seek professional help” situation. And we’ve been together forever. We could inspire a Disney song! That’s the kind of togetherness I’m talking about here.
Image result for writing memeSince Lily and I are so much alike, I’ll never fully be separated from her. But I want to hang out with Hunter some more! I want to swoon over Tyler for a few more chapters! I want Anna to scare me into a more productive lifestyle! And I need Mark Peterson as an excuse to look up men in suits! Oh, how will I live?! The horror! The HORROR!

And finally:

4) Transfer the love to my other WIP: First of all, as I sit here, I cannot imagine loving anything else I write as much as I’m Only Me. First love syndrome and all that. But I do welcome the idea of a new story to fall in love with. I started another novel, hmmm, over a year ago? It was an experiment in third person, and also in trying to not write a character so much like me. Although, and I shouldn’t admit it, I do see a lot of myself in Susan. I still plan to devote a blog post to Susan and her story, but for now I’ll say, she’s a tough one to love. Of course, major bias here, but I think Lily is pretty lovable and easy to root for. (God, I hope so!) Susan, well, you kind of want to slap her. The point is, I don’t feel the same connection or have the same desire to write Susan. And I honestly have to mentally dive deep to an angry/depressing place in order to write from her POV. While this was a cinch a year ago, I’ve since climbed out, and I’m not too keen on returning. We shall see.


I have a day calendar with inspirational quotes, and today’s message was, “One day at a time.” Simple, yes, but I aim to follow this advice. It has served me well in the past.

Here’s hoping you have a May to remember.

2 thoughts on “It’s May!

  1. – i had to gooe the justin Timberlake meme. Thanks -.-
    – i too am an editing nut. I’ve been rewriting Forbidden sinse 2010 -.-
    – love the writer meme of Fry
    – totally delivered pizza the other day to my dark elf king from a my shelved fantasy novel

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