June is here

When I was a teacher, I prayed for June. June, June, June. Come on, June. Now that I’m not wishing my life away hoping for summer, I’m actually bummed that it’s June already. I’m not ready for summer yet. I must have blinked and missed spring entirely.

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But a new month means new goals and plans. First, I thought I’d revisit what I projected for May and see how I faired.

  1. Stop editing: Success!
  2. Final beta read(s): In progress–this is out of my hands 😀
  3. Find the courage to say goodbye to my characters: Success –sort of
  4. Transfer love to other WIP: Fail. An epic one.

Goals for June:

  • Revise and send query letter (this will most likely be July’s goal too)
  • Write something new, for the love of God!
  • Participate in more Twitter hashtag games

As I’m sure you’ve heard, if you share you goals with others, you’re more likely to achieve them. We shall see. (And if you make your goals easy–ahem, Twitter games–you’re more likely to achieve them.)

Like I always say when a new month arrives, it’s a fresh start and a new beginning. And a new month makes me think of this song. Motivation overload! Happy June, all!

Image result for motivation meme

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