Wednesday Wisdom #16

Some funnies for your Wednesday…

I love Demetri Martin, and this is funny. But I almost like Gary Gulman's "Grapes and Grapefruit" routine more. Both funny, though. :):

Computer and tech humor we enjoy from the techs at IT Headquarters Seattle Washington:

23 Times Makeup Was Not On Your Side:

Again I found this image on a simple google search. After reading many of his plays I did find it very funny. So many of his works end in complete tragedy like Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Titus, King Lear. I just thought that it went along with this class perfectly. -Jesse Headley:


Seriously.... I just stuff it in my face with my eyes looking like I'm planing something evil...and no one knows about it... Shhh...:

23 Epic Burns That Will Put You In The Burn Unit.:




What was my life before Pinterest? I shudder to think.


*I’ve decided to cancel Wednesday Wisdom. Instead, I’ll be starting Motivational Monday on the 19th. Look for quotes, videos, etc. to help get your bum in gear. 😀 *


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