Motivational Monday #1

I feel sorry for Mondays. Someone has to be first.

If you find yourself dragging on Monday morning, you’re not alone. Mondays were the worst for me when I was teaching. It was the death of Weekend Me, and I was forced to transform into Teacher Me. And the metamorphosis was exhausting.

For me, that drive to school (about 10 mins) needed to have a soundtrack to wake me up and pump me up.

I turned to Three Days Grace.

“Riot” is perfect for a Monday morning. Now, some may suggest listening to some serene Enya-Yanni-Lovechild music, but no. Just no. Monday mornings are for loud, angry, music. Take it from me.

Without further ado, I present to you, on this fine Monday morning, “Riot” by Three Days Grace.

And since I’ve found myself addicted to memes:Image result for three days grace meme


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