Friday Funnies: Bucky Barnes Edition

I’m dedicating each Friday to funny stuff. And I’m kicking off the first installment with Bucky Barnes, because, well, it’s Bucky. Do I need a reason?

Image result for sebastian stan memes

I have always loved this lady from Mulan so this makes it even better!

i like Sebastian Stan but I hate that it took this long for others to like him too

Captain America: "You need a hobby." Bucky Barnes: "I have a hobby, Rogers." "Being sad isn't a hobby, Bucky. #mcu pinterest: ☞ katepisors

Last one to Steve is his second best friend.

LOL, I love this so much!!! Seeing this terrifying assassin being fixed by makeup artists putting every single strand of his hair in just the right place ...... LOLOLOLOL

I still think this old meme is hilarious, what does that say about me? - visit to grab an unforgettable cool 3D Super Hero T-Shirt!

I don’t know who made this, but please be my friend.

Awww he looks so proud and honoured. I love how he isn't cocky about how good he looks and how well he does things. So when ever somebody compliments him, he gets shy or blushs. He's adorable.


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