Writing Wednesday (WW) #1: Sophie Kinsella

Happy Wednesday! I’m sticking with this alliterative-days-blog-thing. I thrive on a schedule. Anyways…

I’m currently reading My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella. (Yes, I’m STILL trying to get through 1984. Lord, help me.) Sophie Kinsella is one of my favorite authors, and she writes the books I always saw myself writing. We have a similar style, which I feel odd saying. I mean, she’s a best selling author. And I’m…well, I’m typing a blog post no one will read.

But I digress.

I distinctly remember reading the Shopaholic books and thinking, YES! This is what I want to write. Not that storyline in particular, but just the WAY she wrote. Light, quirky, fun. I was all about it. Her books, aside from being entertaining, gave me a sort of hope that there’s a place for books like mine. I think our characters have a similar voice. So much so that when I read her stuff now, I think, CRAP. I copied. I didn’t! I swear! In the thick of writing my book, I didn’t read much of anything, for this very reason!

Confessions of a Shopaholic was my first Kinsella, but I’ve read almost all of her novels. Her stand-alone books have the same funny situations and endearing narrators as her Shopaholic series, and I highly recommend you check some of them out. If you enjoy funny, first-person narrators, you’ll most likely enjoy Kinsella’s books. Probably all of them actually. I must be honest. I love her. But most of her MCs are the same. That’s not a bad thing since I love her writing style, but it’s something I’ve noticed. It seems to be working for her!

Here’s an interview I watched recently. She seems like such a fun person in real life. I’d love to hang out with her!

I just thought I’d share one of my writing inspirations. Often, I think my book is too simple, and while I still think this, I’ve also decided it’s OK. I believe there is an audience for my little story, and I, like so many others, will continue to dream.


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