Motivational Monday: Can I buy some?

You know, it’s funny. I started these Motivational Monday posts with a clear purpose in mind: to find inspiring quotes, videos, etc. to share and to hopefully help give anyone reading a little boost in the creative department (or the just-plain-living department).

But on this particular Monday, I’m feeling as if the motivational well is dry. Like drought dry. Spitting dust dry. Yeah, it’s dry.

I’m faced with yet another set of changes to my manuscript that wouldn’t be much work necessarily, but would be emotionally draining. Cutting lines, although still painful, has gotten easier over time. And maybe losing a description or two is no big deal. But I’m contemplating a massive restructuring of the beginning chapters. Yikes. And crap. And really? REALLY?

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Again, I know it’s for the best. It’s in my book’s best interests to make some changes, but OMG. It’s like I’m running this marathon and as soon as I’m within steps of crossing the finish line, someone moves it. But not just further away. No. It gets moved in a random pattern that I have to somehow follow, only to be at the end again and watch it be moved again. The word frustrating comes to mind.

So, instead of providing any motivation, I’m simply asking where to find it? Are there certain strategies to do before attacking such a revision? Do I just dive in? Go forth and conquer?

Maybe a new day, just having that brand new day, will be all the kickstart I need. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


4 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Can I buy some?

  1. I wish I had some words of wisdom to give, but I’m struggling with motivation/energy myself at the moment.

    I do know that when I was changing the order of some events, and re-writing parts of my novel it helped me to first write down all of the events on a paper or post-its, so that I could re-arrange them in an order that made at least some sense.

    I’m not sure that really helps though, you might just have to re-write (depending on how big the changes you’re thinking of are). If they are quite bit, it might be worth re-writing, then comparing to the older version and picking the bits from each that work out best.

    In either case, I wish you luck! And I hope that you find your motivation!

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    • Thanks, Emily! Great advice. I’ve done the Post-It note thing before. My bedroom door was covered in neon squares! But it was a great way to *see* the scenes and which characters are taking up the most “screen time.”
      I’m already feeling better. Time does wonders. Plus I constantly remind myself that every change I make will improve the story. That really helps.


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