Embracing the New WIP

I’m writing again! And it feels fantastic!

Of course, it has no plot. I don’t know if it should be a novel or short story. I’m having continuity issues. Past tense writing is hard!

But I’m writing again!

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*Me. If I had a slinky. And looked like Johnny Depp. So, not me.

Over the past month or so, I had someone beta read my story, and I got some insightful feedback. Super helpful. It sent me on a cutting spree. I managed to cut about 5k. It felt kind of like cleaning out a closet, throwing out old clothes you never wear–you like them, but you won’t wear them. Be honest.

But then, I realized I’d cut too much. It lacked flow, for lack of a better term. I’m never satisfied, it turns out. So I went through the manuscript again, this time adding back in about eight hundred words. New words, mind you. Mostly description, which it was severely lacking before this endeavor. I feel like it’s in the best shape it’s been in, so that’s a huge plus.

This Saturday starts a beta swap I signed up for, so that will give me some new eyes. And not in the super creepy way I made that sound. My plan–as far as this precise moment in time–is to take all the feedback from this swap, apply what I want, then get querying, baby. I’m super stoked. It’s been a long, long, long road. And I’m ready to get out of the freaking car.

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But I’m in a new car now. This new piece, called Zoe, for now, is something I started back in 2014, three years after starting I’m Only Me. I remember why I started it. I wanted to try my hand at something gritty and raw. I wanted a protagonist with legit issues. Not that Lily didn’t have issues, but compared to Zoe, Lily should feel guilty for every tear she shed. I also wanted to try past tense, and I often find myself slipping into present. It’s so much more natural! I’ll stick with past though, assuming it gets easier over time.

Now, this new story, despite being old, hardly has any meat to it. It’s less than 5k at the moment. Before two days ago, I hadn’t even opened the document since 2016, and I’m not sure if I added anything then or just read it. There isn’t much to share at this point. Zoe is damaged. The reasons for that are still brewing. I have some ideas, but nothing I’m sold on quite yet. She takes pills–any pills. She’s seeing two men. One adores her, but she basically uses him. The other treats her like an object. Her feelings for him confuse me right now, haha. She also has flashbacks about her previous relationship–a stable and healthy one. It’s written in sections with each of the MMC’s names as a heading, and they splice back and forth. I’ve confused myself on several occasions by using this method. But 2014 me thought it was a damn good idea.

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Much more accurate

Needless to say, it needs a ton of thought and time–hopefully not seven years–but I like creating again. True, I liked picking at a nearly completed story, but making something from nothing can’t be beat.

Just wanted to share. 😀

2 thoughts on “Embracing the New WIP

    • Started and finished! Woo! A whirlwind, I must say, but I couldn’t stop until it was finished. I think Susan will be my next project. Although, I did start a little story a while ago with a kid narrator. A boy. That might be fun. Thanks for the interest!

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