Writing Exercise – Character Playlist #5: Anna

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Wondering what this is all about? Start here: “What’s on Your Characters’ iPod?” A Writing Exercise

It’s back to the 80s this week. Anna likes to stay busy, so she really doesn’t have time for music. But on the off-chance she has a spare minute, she’ll put on some 80s. While Hunter is more of the cheesy 80s pop fan, Anna likes a little more 80s variety. Not much though! 😀 And definitely some girl power.

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Anna’s Playlist

“The 80s Rocker”

1) “Livin On a Prayer” Bon Jovi

3) “What You Need” INXS
4) “Janie’s Got A Gun” Aerosmith
5) “Manic Monday” Bangles
6) “Summer of ’69” Bryan Adams
7) “Girls on Film” Duran Duran

9) “The One I Love” R.E.M.
10) “Always” Bon Jovi
11) “Love is a Battlefield” Pat Benatar
12) “Cryin” Aerosmith

14) “Cruel Summer” Bananarama
15) “Sweet Child o Mine” Guns ‘N’ Roses

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Anna’s Playlist on Spotify

Other characters:

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Next week (and the last playlist): Mark Peterson!

Thanks for spending some time here. Now put those leg warmers away and get back to writing!




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