VIPKID Vibes: The Application Process

Should you apply to VIPKID? Well, yeah. Obviously.

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Chances are, if you’re here, you’re already planning on applying, so let me just walk you through what is undoubtedly the easiest part of the process.

Are you qualified?

  • Do you have a Bachelor’s Degree–in anything?
  • Do you have at least one year “teaching” experience (which includes virtually any contact with children from what I’ve gathered)?
  • Did you go to school in the United States or Canada?

Then, you’re in.

Related imageYeah, it’s really that simple. If you think about it…there should be more, right? But that’s not the point of this. (Just a minute though. As a parent–which I am not–I wouldn’t want someone with a Bachelor’s in, let’s just say, Computer Science, and one year as…a dance instructor for toddlers, teaching my kid a foreign language. Especially since I have to pay for these lessons. Just me? Am I sounding elitist? Oh. Crap. Moving on.)


They’ll ask for a referral code. You don’t need to put one. It will not change the outcome of anything for you. But if you have a code from a friend, or a YouTuber you’ve found particularly helpful, or even me, stick ‘er in that box.

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Here’s my code, FYI: 090JC2 🙂

What this means for your referrer: 1) He/she will get paid. I’m just being real here. However, you have to get hired and teach your first class beforehand. 2) He/she will see your progress every step of the way. For example, my referrer (hey, Abbey!) got a message on her VIPKID app as soon as I passed my interview. 3) Your referrer should be your go-to person for help with stuff. That’s supposed to be part of their duties. But with so much info out there, you can find what you need. In other words, your referrer is not your only source for info or guidance.

As far as the application goes, they don’t need your resume. Strange. But whatever. They ask for your basic info, your highest degree, and whether or not you went to school in the US or Canada. This may have changed, but as far as teaching experience, it was a pull-down menu with number of years, like 1-3, 5+, etc.

Don’t put zero. If you put none, you’re done. Here’s the deal. No one reads these applications. No person anyway. A computer looks for key info, the teaching experience being one of them. So this is where you have to think of “teaching” in its broadest terms.

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As a side note–if you don’t have teaching experience in its narrowest terms, should you apply? That’s completely your call. For me though, if I hadn’t been a teacher, I wouldn’t have applied—but at the same time, I don’t think there’s anything specific I learned from being in the classroom that has helped me. Just know there are plenty of VIPKID teachers who have never taught before, so you can definitely be successful without having that prior experience. I just thought this is something worth mentioning, as I’m sure lacking teaching experience keeps people from applying.

As soon as you hit submit, you’ll know whether you “pass” or not. Not sure the terminology. The next step is setting up an an interview. And that is the subject of my next VIPKID post.

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I hope you’re finding these posts helpful. My goal is just to share my experiences as a newbie, take you through the process, and give you some insight and tips where I can.

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Thanks for spending some time here. Happy teaching!




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