Music Monday: From One Ben to the Next

I’ve been obsessed with Breaking Benjamin for the past few months, which you may recall if you’ve spent any time around this blog, but I recently went to see Ben in concert. It wasn’t Ben Burnley though. It was one of my other favorite Bens:

Ben Freaking Folds!

Image result for ben folds gif

Here’s what’s important: Ben Folds is awesome. I love him. He is crazy talented. And that’s all there is to say.

This was my second time seeing Ben Folds in concert. Both times, he performed with a symphony. Classy.

I’m not doing a concert review or summary or anything like that, because, frankly, it would be just a lot of me raving about how insanely amazingly (double adverbs?!?) awesome Ben Folds truly is. 😀

Instead, I’ve decided to highlight a few of my favorite Ben songs. Perhaps if you are new to Ben, this may serve as your intro. Enjoy.

And if you already are a fan of Ben and you ever have the chance to see him live (with or without a symphony), buy a ticket. Like right now.

My Favorite Solo Ben Tracks

This is a concert staple. Sing with Ben! *sigh* So awesome.

My Most Recent Favorite Ben Solo Track

I must confess. For being a diehard Ben Folds fan, I hadn’t heard this album until about 3 weeks ago. For shame. But now it’s resting comfortably in my shopping cart. Oy, that concerto!

My Favorite Ben Folds Five Tracks

My Favorite Live Videos

This man. I can’t take it.

Hope you’ve enjoyed some Ben Folds!

Related image

Thanks for spending some time here! This is what a real musician looks like, folks.

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