18 Random Songs I Forgot Were Awesome

Are awesome? Hmm.

Here’s a list of some songs I found in my laptop’s music folder. I’ve been using Spotify lately, so I haven’t opened this folder in a while. I was introduced to most of these songs from a local radio that no longer exists. These songs were on heavy, heavy rotation about three or four years ago. Blah, blah, get to the tunes.

In alphabetical order for bonus points!

Bush – “The Only Way Out”

Yes! One of my favorite quotes makes a pretty good song. I don’t think this song made it big. Perhaps it wasn’t grungy enough for Bush fans? Beats me. I love it.

Cage the Elephant – “Come A Little Closer”

Not sure what happened to this band. I was pretty stoked that they didn’t turn into a one-hit wonder. “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” is awesome, but this one’s up there.

Chevelle – “Face to the Floor”

Mixed feelings about this one. First off, OMG, love it. Then again, I used to blast this song in my house, probably doing irreversible damage to my hearing, and I didn’t care one bit. Because I didn’t care about too much at the time. So there’s that.

Disturbed – “The Vengeful One”

Until a few months ago, this song was played almost daily because it was a part of my treadmill playlist. If this song isn’t part of your workout playlist, what are you even doing? I’m including it here, because I’m pretty sure I discovered it around the same time as the rest. And, oh yeah, it’s quite awesome indeed. (Although, “The Light” is better by a gazillion and two. Just sayin.)

Five Finger Death Punch – “Lift Me Up”

Another workout playlist staple. Ah, so good. Heavy, angry, f bombs, guest vocalist, inspiration hidden behind guitars. What else can I say? Awesome sauce.

Incubus  – “Absolution Calling”

Why wasn’t this song huge? It’s epic. I would listen to this on repeat and repeat and repeat at unhealthy volumes. This song is amazing. Period. Stop reading and listen to it. You will thank yourself. Then you better thank me.

You’re welcome. 🙂

Nothing More – “Here’s to the Heartache”

I lost track of these guys and pretty much forgot about them, even though “This is the Time” is one of my favorite songs ever. And “Jenny” is unreal–both of which I’ve ranted about, so I’ll refrain. This is a slower track from them, but just as awesome. Shout out to the lead singer for being a beautiful specimen of a man. Good. Ness.

Papa Roach – “Gravity”

This needs some explanation. I heard this on the radio and I didn’t like it. I know Papa Roach. I like Papa Roach. But. This song was weird and different, like weirdly different. Like, what’s up with this chick? She can’t sing. She cannot sing. I don’t know what she’s trying to do with her mouth, but it aint singin. Then, here’s the thing: the radio played the crappola out of this track. And well, the chick still can’t sing, but the song started growing on me. Honestly, I haven’t listened to this one is probably…eight months? Time to listen…

Yep. Just as I remember. She can’t sing. 😀 Otherwise, I still like it.

Pearl Jam – “Better Man”

I wasn’t into Pearl Jam before the radio played them regularly. I knew “Jeremy” and that was it. So I thank them for it. I pretty much just chose a track at random since there are several in my music folder. What can I say? It’s Pearl Freakin Jam.

Pop Evil – “Footsteps”

What happened to these guys? This is a solid track. Sure, they ripped off Green Day for that intro. But this song rocks. Man, that bridge. Layered with the chorus? Stop it. It’s so good, I need a minute.

Red Sun Rising – “Emotionless”

I truly did forget about this song. And it’s a shame, because whoa, this is a good one. Can songs be moody? If so, this one is. Happy to report, I still remember all the lyrics! Yay, me!

Rise Against – “The Dirt Whispered”

This song is old, relatively speaking. But I forgot how good it is. It reminds me of something I would’ve liked in high school. It sort of has a New Found Glory vibe, no? Again, thanks to the radio for this one.

Saint Antonia – “Better Place”

Adam Gontier, I love you. Now that that’s out of the way, I must say, time has not been too kind to your voice. And I’m sorry your new band didn’t take off like I’m sure you expected it to. But I still love you, and I promise I won’t buy any Three Days Grace albums now that you’ve left. They are dead to me. I do like this song though. You’re awesome.

Sixx AM – “Stars”

Here’s a prime example of remembering a song as being better than it is. Don’t get me wrong. I like it. But I remember loving this song. Now, I just like it. If you want to listen to some Sixx AM, go with Life is Beautiful (Acoustic).

Stone Sour – “Say You’ll Haunt Me”

I repeated this one a ton. Lyric video, music video, instrumental version. I was all about it. And it’s just as good as I remember. Let me also say, the music video? Corey Taylor should wear a suit every day of his life.

The Offspring – “Gone Away”

Dexter Holland’s voice is not good. Yeah, I said it. But this song is everything. Karaoke for days!

Uh, what is this? 5FDP did a cover of this??? Hmm…interesting. I don’t dislike it. Can’t say I like it though. 5FDP “Gone Away”

The Struts – “Kiss This”

Speaking of karaoke…this song is also everything. This guy is very Freddie Mercury meets Mick Jagger. He was definitely brought here in a time machine. Catchy doesn’t being to describe this song. Prime example of driving around the block so I could hear the rest of the song before I parked the car. Memories.

Volbeat – “Lola Montez”

Bands like Volbeat are the reason lyric videos were invented. I mean, what is this guy saying? Is it English? I’m glad I’m revisiting this song. It’s total awesome sauce, and apparently, it was written about a real person. Cool.

All right, folks. That wraps up another Music Monday post. From the bottomless pit of tunes in my head to your screen, I hope you’ve enjoyed this list. Until next time, rock on.

And a special thank you to my dead and gone radio station for introducing me to these songs. You are the truest of heroes.

Thanks for spending some time here. Music is life.

2 thoughts on “18 Random Songs I Forgot Were Awesome

  1. Papa Roach? Hadn’t heard that name in a long time. Now I’m wracking my brain trying to find out the name of the song that made me like him for a while. I thought it was Aeriels but that’s not it.

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