You Need to Listen to Savage Garden

Happy Music Monday! I’m going back in time again this week to focus on my favorite band from middle school and freshman year, thereabouts. Savage Garden!

Of course I’ve featured this band in a previous post of two, but I figured they deserved their own post. I revisited their second album a few months ago. Instant time machine.

Darren Hayes’ voice is heaven.

So here are some of my favorite Savage Garden tracks to bring a little late 90s to your day. Enjoy!

To the Moon and Back

My favorite! 🙂 This is so nostalgic.

Two Beds and Coffee Machine

So, so good.

Lover After Me

Such a radio-friendly song. Come to think of it, this was a single. Go figure.


Why does “Promises” sound so much more dated than the others? Hmm.

The Animal Song

Darren loves those high notes.

A Thousand Words

How many -tion words can you name?

Crash and Burn

ASL! This video concept upped their awesomeness for me, despite being the most awesome band I’d ever known by age 12.


I believe…I still know all the lyrics. I really wish I could remember more important information. Oh, well.

I Want You

Their first single. And I believe this was the first song of theirs I ever heard. The breakdown is about as 90s as musically possible. This is the song responsible for bringing  the term “chicka cherry cola” to the masses.

As a bonus, the best acoustic “To the Moon and Back” you’ll ever hear:

Unfortunately, it’s time to return to 2018, where pop music is nothing but over-produced garbage that makes me weep for today’s youth. Dramatic, much?

Image result for savage garden gif

Thanks for spending some time here. I love the 90s! 🙂

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