You Need to Listen to Sick Puppies

Yeah, yeah. I’ve talked about this band in several other posts already. But. I’m choosing to feature them because they fit the unofficial criteria. Awesome. Bingeworthy. And tragically, unknown to many.

My Sick Puppies origin story is a simple one. No need for popcorn or anything. That awesome sauce local radio station–you know, the one they killed to make yet another oldies station–played Sick Puppies’ current, at the time, single, “There’s No Going Back.”  And what an appropriate title. A YouTube binge and Pandora playlist later, I was hooked.

Not so much to buy any of their albums, but anyway. The lead singer has left the band; I went with him. I don’t know what they’re up to now, but Shim’s voice is what I liked most. So…sorry, other puppies.

So here are my favorite tracks from Sick Puppies:

There’s No Going Back

This song is five years old. No way. These lyrics are everything.

All the Same

My favorite. By a gazillion and four.

This is the song on my novel playlist–because it’s freaking perfect for my characters/situation. I became obsessed with this song. Repeat, repeat, repeat. If I ever make a “My Favorite Songs Ever” list, this will be pretty high on the list.

I’ll post my favorite acoustic, live, etc. versions at the end. 🙂


Summer of 2016. This was my jam. In case you were wondering, that’s when I quit my soul-sucking, rage-inducing, Lord-help-me middle school teaching job. This track was therapeutic. And motivating. And all-around awesome sauce. 

Odd One

What a great song. I used the quiet “Hey, it’s gonna be OK” line as my alarm to get up for school. Man, did I need to hear that. Daily.


Love the intro. And all that bass. Yes.

You know, with these detailed song analyses, I should work for Rolling Stone.

You’re Going Down

This song is epic. The acoustic is equally epic, but in a totally different way. Which is better? Eh, it’s hard to say, but if I had to choose, I’d have to say the acoustic. Only by a smidge. I just love how completely different they sound! You go, puppies.

Should’ve Known Better

Best part of this song? The end. Those final lines are so good.

Where Did The Time Go


Bonus “All the Same” Awesomeness

Different arrangement. Added strings. Same awesomeness.

Everyone needs a little Sick Puppies. Glad to be of service.

I’d love to discover a new band, so if you have any recommendations, you know where to find me.

Thanks for spending some time here. Rock on. Image result for rock on emoji

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