Don’t Like NaNoWriMo? Try LaNoRevMo!

November 6, 2018

Last year around this time, I posted about how I don’t understand NaNoWriMo or why anyone would put themselves through such a masochistic exercise. And while I still feel this way, I’ve decided to use the writing buzz in the online air to my advantage.

As you know, the writer in me has been in hiding, and it’s been difficult to coax her out. But lately, I’ve been feeling inspired, namely because of everyone talking about writing, and word counts, and outlining, and coffee shop sitting, etc. So, I made up my own little exercise for this month.

Presenting: LaNoRevMo

which obviously stands for Lauren’s November Revision Month.

Related image

While everyone else is writing, I’ll be deleting, rearranging, and condensing. I’m giving my novel an overhaul, in a last ditch effort to make it into something worthy of an agent’s eyes. I’ve already started this process, and I’ve made some headway.

Yesterday, I was ready to say forget it and do something else with my life. I was trying–in vain–to move some scenes around for pacing purposes. It was a nightmare. I had these scene names written down, and there were arrows everywhere, and I was pretty much losing my mind. It’s so hard to change one thing without changing everything else. Like, if I move this one scene, then back in this other chapter, it won’t make sense if she says this or does that. You know what I mean? It was brutal, but I think I made some good changes.

I’m at the library now, so I’ll see if the changes I made actually work on paper and not just in my head. I didn’t actually read them through, so here’s hoping.

November 7, 2018

LaNoRevMo is in full swing, despite being home instead of the library. I don’t have much to say besides I’m feeling cautiously optimistic, and I’ve managed to scrounge up a bit of hope too. Damn straight.

In another week, I’ll return with an update. Not sure where I’ll be progress-wise, but hopefully I’ll have news of some sort to share.

Image result for i don't know but i like it gif

Till then.

*ETA: I just realized the No in NaNoWriMo stands for novel. Not November. Oh well. My title stands. 🙂

Thanks for spending some time here. Happy writing revising!

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