Songs of Awesomeness Part 3: iPod Mini Edition (O-Z)

I’m back with the highly anticipated Part Two. ICYMI: Songs of Awesomeness Part 2: iPod Mini Edition (A-N)

Let’s dive right in.

*Pete Yorn “EZ”

This makes me feel kinda sad, but only because of the truth in the lyrics.

Placebo “Every You, Every Me”

His voice is weird, no? And the song gets super repetitive. I think they ran out of lyrics. But it’s still worthy of this list.

Pixies “Where is my Mind?”

Commentary for this? No. But it makes me think of a certain parking lot. And a ripped Brad Pitt.

*Postal Service “Sleeping In”

This isn’y my go-to sound, but it’s Ben Freaking Gibbard. I have a thing for Bens, I realized. Gibbard…Folds…Burnley…Franklin.

Queens of the Stone Age “No One Knows”

It’s a catchy one. I’m sure I first heard this on MTV2. “No One Knows” what happened to these guys either, right? Except for Dave Grohl, of course.

Sigor Ross – Staralfur

No clue what they’re saying, but I like it. An album of theirs would make for good writing music. I wonder if I thought to include them in my post about that? Hmm. Anyway, I first heard this song in the shamefully underrated film, Life Aquatic. And the scene its in is just perfect.

Silverchair “After All These Years”

One of the few songs I learned to play and would jam (can you “jam” to a song like this?) in a practice room at college. Good times.

The Stills “Still in Love Song”

This band wins for more creative song title. Ha.

Steriogram “Walkie Talkie Man”

I have no words for this catchy mess.

Sublime “Santeria”

I don’t know what it is about this song, but it’s like a “stop what you’re doing because Santeria is on” kind of thing.

Takida “Give in to Me”

So back in the day, I had a major obsession with Ville Valo, and one of the many fandom videos created in his honor used this song. The rest is history.

Taking Back Sunday “MakeDamnSure”

You are everything I want because you are everything I’m not.

Man, this takes me back. And that music video with his microphone cord wrapped around his neck. That was…strangely hot. Not gonna lie. Still is.

Tonic “If You Could Only See”

I have always loved this song. No particular reason. It’s just all around awesome sauce.

Tori Amos “A Sorta Fairytale”

I’m pretty sure this is the only Tori Amos song I’ve ever heard in my life. But I’ve played it about 4,826 times.

*Unwritten Law “Seein’ Red”

No comment here, but

All I wanna hear is your voice

speaks to me on a “I have to put this in my WIP” kind of way. And I did, in a roundabout way.

Urge Overkill “You’ll Be A Woman Soon”

If you didn’t put this on and dance in your living room, you’re lying to yourself. This is the first time I’ve ever seen this band, and he is definitely not what I expected him to look like. Like, at all.

That’s it for my iPod mini. Are there more songs worth sharing? Oh, my. There are over 1k songs on that thing. But I’m moving on for now. If my iPod Touch will power on, that might be worth a post, since it would be more recently updated. Recent as in 10+ years ago.

As for next week, no theme that I know of yet. But that’s why this is a random list. Till then.

Thanks for spending some time here. Have a great Monday!

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