My Currents: May 2019

Wow, I’m late. These particular updates aren’t that high on my priority list, which is actually a pretty good confession to make, I’d say.

A List of Currents and Lasts

Current Album in My Car

Ember Breaking Benjamin

Yep. #noshame

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Current Album in My Stereo

Saturate Breaking Benjamin

Image result for breaking benjamin gif

Last Song Played on Spotify

I’m listening to Mark’s playlist as I type this. Currently:

“You Won’t Be Mine” Matchbox 20

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Last Netflix Binge

Waiting for OITNB…

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Current YouTube Obsession


Love. So this guy calls scammers and wastes their time. That’s pretty much it. While this doesn’t sound entertaining, I’m obsessed. He has a voice changer of some kind, and his granny voice is perfection. I love him. And his eyebrows are awesome.

Image result for kitboga gif

Last Movie Watched

Captain America: Civil War

I think…

Related image

Current Read


I really need to read something. #forshame

Thanks for spending some time here! 

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