Songs I’m Binging This Week #4

Happy December! Can you believe it’s December? I’m in denial.

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Anyways, it’s been a minute since I’ve made a music post beyond Breaking Benjamin, so I figured I’d share a few songs I’ve been repeating lately. Here we go!

Snuff – Slipknot

Again. Yes, I know. I have a problem.

At this point, I have to laugh. I mean, what, is this like the twenty-seventh time I’ve mentioned this one? But this song. I can’t with this song. I had this on loop for a solid hour while I cleaned my house. It never gets old. And I can now, without a doubt, crown this my number 3 favorite song of all time. That is an honor, let me tell you.

Renegades of Funk – Rage Against the Machine

I’ve been watching some reaction videos lately, and one guy in particular reacted to a ton of Rage songs. While I find their music incredibly repetitive, this one is probably my favorite. I’ve only heard about 5 of their songs though.

Black – Pearl Jam

Sometimes I forget just how good Pearl Jam is, you know? Eddie Veder. Talk about singing with passion. Whew. Anyway, there was a reaction video to this song (here) that did a deep dive into the lyrics and they pointed out things I never realized–the whole “sun” metaphor that carries through the song. Also, I have to mention, the growls? he does in this song, OMG. My favorite part, by far. @2:22 for example.

Devil in I – Slipknot

I can’t say I’m a Slipknot fan–despite the whole “Snuff” love affair I’m in–but this song is pretty damn good. You can’t deny Corey Taylor has a good voice. I mean, really. I enjoy the verses more than the chorus, but the whole song has definitely grown on me since I first heard it. The music video is just all kinds of wrong, so it’s audio only for me. I love that laugh at the end.

What, were you expecting Christmas music? Ha! Maybe next week. In the meantime, I’ve highlighted a few Christmas tunes on past posts. Check them out here:

My Favorite Alt Christmas Songs

Christmas Songs I Didn’t Know Existed

Thanks for spending some time here. Rock on!

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