13 Thoughts on “13 Reasons Why”

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If there is a pop culture phenomenon sweeping the nation, chances are, I’ll check it out. As usual, I’m late, but I’ve binged the Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why. And I’ve read some of the opinions and backlash regarding the show. Think what you will, but here’s my take on it. **Spoilers. Obviously.**

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What Now?

So…I did it. After one final pass, I shed a proverbial tear and put I’m Only Me away. I guess I didn’t realize how much time I actually spent mulling over that document, because now that it’s over, my days seem super long. o.OImage result for mic drop meme

I have two beta readers lined up. *I think.* My plan, after reading their gushing reviews of course, is to take a fresh look at my query and start sending that baby out. Obviously, I’ll keep you posted.

Aside from losing a chunk of my daily routine, I have nothing to post on Twitter. Oh, waah, waah. It’s true though. I’ve been posting pretty much daily since January to each day’s hashtag games. Twitter is like instant feedback. You know within a day how a line is received. It’s not 100% accurate and means nothing in the great scheme of life, but it’s just sorta nice. haha. I could still participate, true, but I’m afraid if I go searching for lines to post, I’ll end up diving back into the novel to edit again, and I don’t want to! No! I’ve finally reached a stage where I can say, I’m finished! (That is until the betas are done. Sigh.)

There is a simple solution to this problem: WRITE MORE.

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Length Matters #2

I’m talking, of course, about songs. What did you think I meant?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some music, so I thought I’d share my favorite songs that are a bit long-winded. I went with songs over five minutes, which really isn’t even that long. This is by no means an all inclusive list since I’m not about to do research for this.

Many of these, if not all, have that quality I have decided to call, “You-Think-It’s Over-But-It’s-Not Syndrome.” Very creative, don’t you think? What I also love is how some of these songs have sections, like you could split them into parts and almost make different songs out of one. Awesome.

From shortest to longest, here we go:

“Yellow Ledbetter” Pearl Jam

This one barely makes the cut time-wise, but I love it too much to care. I didn’t get into Pearl Jam until my local radio station started playing them, like constantly. I have no idea what he’s saying, and I don’t think the lyrics in the video are accurate, but again, I love it too much to care.

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Wednesday Wisdom #11

It’s Ze May, Week 2: Kindness.

That’s how I like to think of kindness, I guess, as little rays of light that emanate out from the interactions that you have with people. Maybe little candles that light inside them.   -Ze Frank

The man is brilliant. Soak it up, people. Soak. it. up.

Hey, Ze? I know cheesy. This is not.

Single Double Standards

I opened my fridge the other day and said, “This is the fridge of a single gal.” The entire top shelf in my fridge is devoted to soda and water bottles, which is one of my many fascinating life decisions. Dare I have a shelf strictly for beverages? Yes, I dare.

But I digress. This fridge observation got me thinking about the connotations of being single for men and women. I won’t say it’s more glamorous for men, or even more socially acceptable to be a single guy, but think about it.

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Whose idea was this?! Seriously.

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Length Matters

I’m talking about chapters, of course. What did you think I meant? Really? Geez.

I’ll be blunt. I hate long chapters. When I read, I like to stop at a chapter break. I hate having to stop at some random paragraph because I don’t have time to finish the whole chapter. Then, when I return to it, I end up re-reading at least a page to get back into it. Good grief. #PettyReaderProblems

I take this into account when I write. I like short scenes and short chapters. If a scene gets long, I’ll split it.

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Wednesday Wisdom #10

I’ve decided I’m going to dedicate each Wednesday in May to Ze Frank.

Ze May, if you will.

I still love him. So, so much. He’s still so awesome to me. Inspirational, wise, wonderful. He always has this way to make me feel at ease with this thing we call life. I’m not sure how, but who cares.


It’s May!

Hello, all. Welcome to May. I want to post that Justin Timberlake meme, but I will refrain. Yeah, you know the one. Just knowing that you are now picturing it in your head, or googling it if you’re confused, is enough for me.

The first of the month, any month, is usually a positive and motivating day. A fresh start, to be as cliche as possible.

I stopped doing #authorconfession on Twitter for April, but I figured I’d pick it up again this month. For those who don’t know, this is a daily hashtag game (Is it a game though? It doesn’t feel like one…) with questions about your WIP and writing in general. Follow @_JM_Sullivan for details.

Today’s question was about your own writing goals for May, and I thought I’d share them here as well.

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