El Camino Review

So of course I watched El Camino on the release day. My Friday night was unexpectedly open. While this seems like a slam on my social life, I usually teach Friday but students were unable to take classes because of school–on the weekend, yeah.

This is more of an outpouring of thoughts rather than a cohesive review.

First, Aaron Paul. Love him. And that’s it.

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As for the character, Jesse was my favorite Breaking Bad character–maybe tied with Saul–so it was nice to see what became of him when the series ended. Although, while I enjoyed the movie, I don’t know if it was necessary.

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There was something satisfying seeing Jesse drive away, assuming he would get away and start a new life somewhere. Not sure we had to see the ins and outs of how he made that happen. Continue reading


VIPKID Vibes: FAQ for Newbies, Part 3

Here are some more questions I’ve been noticing lately. And if you have any specific questions, please ask! I’m no expert, but I do know a few things.

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Do tokens expire?

The simple answer is yes–for some ungodly reason. To be more specific, here’s the breakdown:

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 1.18.37 PM.png

Here’s the weird thing. I had to dig for this info. It wasn’t in the Token FAQ section as expected, which makes me think they don’t want you to know that tokens expire. Pretty shady, no? Continue reading

Have a Laugh Before El Camino

I reluctantly admit, I decided to binge the entire Breaking Bad series before the El Camino premiere. I wanted a refresher AND this show is amazing. I will not admit the number of days it took to complete this binge. Let’s just say, being single and childless with a pathetic social life leads itself to bingewatching quite well.


I may do another post about my favorite scenes or what I remember most, but today, I wanted to share some funny videos I found on YouTube. Given the overall tone of Breaking Bad, El Camino is sure to be dark, so enjoy some of the lighter side of these characters before the movie comes out.

Continue reading

VIPKID Vibes: Meg and Mike Puppets

I have a YouTube channel for my cat, Mocha. So this week, Mocha’s new video is an unboxing for Meg and Mike puppets!

I finally earned enough tokens to get the puppets, and they arrived last week. So here’s the thing: they are cute. But I’m glad I didn’t pay money for them. I’ve had them in my classroom for days and no one mentioned them. Had I spent $41, I’d be pretty bummed, but seeing as they cost me nothing, it’s no big deal. The choice is yours, but I strongly suggest you continue earning tokens and save your cash.

Enjoy the video!

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Please help Mocha reach 100 YouTube subscribers!

Mocha’s New Video: Cat Quirks, Episode 2

I’ve started a new series, because of course at this stage of my life, creating a cat YouTube series that averages 5 or less views per video takes top priority over everything else. #adulting

I’ve  changed my upload schedule, as I’m sure you were wondering. Because I know when Saturday morning rolled around, you thought, “Wait a minute! No video?! Where is it?!

In episode 2, Mocha discovers my shoes. I’ve had these shoes for years, but until this week, she never bothered them. Now she’s rubbing all over those things. And boom, video is done.

Enjoy! And if you like what you see, please subscribe to Mocha’s channel. And even if you don’t, subscribe anyway. It’s just a click of a button. Nothing bad will happen, I promise.

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Thanks for spending some time here! #mochamonday #tabbycatsrule


VIPKID Vibes: New Halloween Rewards at Target

Online teachers know, that enticing dollar section at Target is a great place for all things teaching. The holiday season is no exception. I don’t have a Target in my hometown, but I do travel to one at least once a month–because I may have a problem.

I found some cute Halloween themed items that would make great rewards. Click the picture to go straight to Target. Continue reading

VIPKID Vibes Story Time: The Finish Type Fail

Bitmoji Image

Finish Type: how a class is labelled when it’s over

(“As Scheduled” “Student No Show” “Student IT” “Teacher No Show” “Teacher Cancellation 24 Hours” “Teacher Cancellation 2 Hours” “Teacher IT”)

Listen, this is a story I don’t want to tell. I just got over it, and now I’m bringing it all back again. But I do it for you. I hope you appreciate this and learn from it.

In my 2594 classes, I’ve been extremely fortunate. I’ve had one Teacher IT and one Teacher No Show. (My alarm didn’t go off so I missed my first class, but by some miracle, I woke up with 2 minutes to spare for my second class of the morning. Whew.)

Until last week, that is.

As some of you may know, I broke down and bought an iMac. And now I’m broke.

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Anyway, this computer is awesome and it makes teaching awesome because I can see now! More importantly, it’s fast enough that I can use the AR stickers that I wasn’t able to before. So fun! However, my computer decided it was going to update right before my first class started. Not ideal.

I will admit, I was cutting it a little close. I didn’t get downstairs to turn the computer on until 6:54 for a 7:00 class. So, yeah. BUT this is usually fine. I never turn the computer off—just to avoid something like this happening. I always just put it to sleep, and then it “wakes up” just fine. A lot quicker than I do, anyway.

So I go into a panic, especially when the estimated time is 33 minutes. It ended up being much quicker, but not quick enough for me to make it to class on time. Knowing I would be late, I contacted the fireman through the phone app. I took a picture of my computer with the little progress bar and typed to please wait, I had to restart my computer. Meanwhile, I had my laptop with me. First I had to download the app–because heaven forbid they let you teach without that. And wouldn’t you know, my laptop is too old to support the app. Thanks so much. Then, I think, maybe I can use my phone. I log in and see that my class isn’t listed. It was already a Teacher No Show. 7:05. Come on!


I played dumb with the fireman, and typed, “I’m here. Where is my class?” He/she checks…. “Sorry I see it is marked TNS.”

Yeah. I’m aware.Bitmoji Image

Of course, thinking everything’s fine, because, hello, this fireman knows I’m right here, I ask for this to be changed to a Teacher IT. Makes sense to me. But the fireman is not authorized to change the finish type. I have to apply for this through the Teacher Portal.

I have to sit through five more classes, trying to be happy and not act like I was screwed over. It’s fine. I’m a great actress. You can’t teach middle school for five years and NOT be a great actress, you know? Continue reading

10k Views? Really?! Let’s Break it Down

So what do ten thousand website hits actually look like?

I’m still amazed from every view I’ve had on this site. I don’t understand it, but I’m amazed. Somehow, Lauren See Writes has reached ten thousand views. Ten. Thousand. I know.

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 2.02.19 PM

To celebrate this milestone, I thought I’d share some stats. This may or may not be interesting to you, but I’m intrigued by analytics. So here we go! Continue reading