VIPKID Vibes: More Newbie Essentials and Wishlist Items

Hello, teachers! Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA. Life, right? But I’m back for more teaching goodies you might want to check out.

All of the following are available through Amazon.

This is my second list. ICYMI: VIPKID Vibes: Newbie Teacher Essentials (and Wishlist Items!)

VIPKID Merchandise

I’ve recently discovered you can buy actual VIPKID stuff through Amazon. Dino, anyone? Since the official store is down, this could be a good option if you don’t want to wait.


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Essential Ben Folds: Part 2

In case you missed it…

My undying love for Ben Folds has been revived recently due to his quarantine concerts (check YouTube, they’re awesome), so I thought I should make a new post and playlist to celebrate the utter brilliance, talent, and awesomeness that is Ben Folds.

This is part 2 of 2. (Read part one here: Essential Ben Folds)

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It’s My Birthday!

Hello, all you lovely people! Because it’s my birthday, even though it feels like winter, I’m sharing what I’ve been up to–which I used to do every month with a post called “My Currents.” It’s my first quarantine birthday, so I guess this is the new way to celebrate.

Before we start, I’d like to take a minute to thank anyone who has ever clicked on one of my posts, liked one of my posts, smiled at one of my posts, followed this blog, applied information found on this blog, listened to a song featured on this blog, blah blah. It’s humbling to have anyone hang out here. So when I see some of these views, I’m sort of confused, but very grateful all the same. So thanks. 🙂

I’m currently enjoying some coffee and favorite tunes. I’m not sure what the rest of the day will bring, but let’s get to it.


Mad Men

Mad Men Computer GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

I started “Mad Men” a few weeks ago. I’m about a decade late to the party. Strangely enough, I don’t know if I “like” this show or not. True, I’m on season seven, and it shouldn’t take that long to decide if you like something. My biggest problem is Don Draper. Yeah, the main character. He’s such a horrible person. Are we supposed to feel sorry for him? Because I don’t. Like, at all. Sure, he had a terrible childhood that kind of helps explain why he’s such a man-whore, but really? He’s just awful. Continue reading

Essential Ben Folds

My undying love for Ben Folds has been revived recently due to his quarantine concerts (check YouTube, they’re awesome), so I thought I should make a new post and playlist to celebrate the utter brilliance, talent, and awesomeness that is Ben Folds.
ben folds | Tumblr

So, let me just say, this playlist has 50 songs on it. Boom! That’s a lot of Folds. This is part 1 of 2.

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Songs I’m Binging This Week #5


It’s been too long since I’ve made one of these lists, so here we go. This selection is a direct result of the quarantine concerts I’ve been watching, which I’ve written about here: Quarantine Concerts for Your Lonely Selves

“Everything’s a Ceiling” Death Cab


Before Ben played this on one of his at home concerts, I’d never heard it. I was going back through some of the early shows I’d missed. Where has this song been all my life? I think I prefer the acoustic one to the original (linked below), but in either case, these lyrics are so amazing.

I mean…

Way, way down in a hole there’s no feeling

because when you’re so far beneath the floor, everything’s a ceiling

We dug it down as deep as we could, just like we planned it

When you climbed out, you pulled the ladder and left me stranded

Come. on. I can’t tell you how much I love that. *major sighing happening*

These lyrics. I can’t. They’re perfect.

I’ve got nowhere to go except further below, so I keep digging

It gets darker every day, but I see no other way than just committing

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Quarantine Concerts for Your Lonely Selves

How’s quarantine treating you? One day at a time, people.

Side note: I don’t understand how anyone can be bored. Have you never been to YouTube? I give hours to YouTube when there isn’t a global pandemic happening, so what’s the deal?


The silver lining to the state of the world these days comes in the form of these acoustic concerts certain musicians are treating us to. I’m here for it. I’m not here to downplay the severity of everything, but I am here to provide a distraction if you need it.

I’m sure there are others, but these are the artists I like. Some put out a new stream every week, but I rarely catch them live because I’m teaching then. #onlineteacherlife

There are plenty of old concerts on YouTube too, but there is something magical about these one-on-one live streams, even if you’re watching the playback instead.

Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie

I have to start with Ben Gibbard. Dear God. Tell me I’m not the only one who pretends Ben called me up and wanted to play me some tunes. It’s like he’s playing just for me and I proceed to melt completely into nothing. I’ve mentioned his voice a time or two around here, one of my favorites of all time. Continue reading

The One Day 30 Day Song Challenge – Again!

I don’t know if this is any indication of how my life is going these days, but I’ve decided to make a second list of thirty songs.

My first go: The One Day 30 Day Song Challenge

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 1.49.18 PM

  1. “Pink Moon” Nick Cave
  2. “One Headlight” The Wallflowers
  3. “Island in the Sun” Weezer
  4. “Fake Plastic Trees” Radiohead
  5. “Face to the Floor” Chevelle
  6. “Renegades of Funk” Rage Against the Machine

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The One Day 30 Day Song Challenge

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 1.49.06 PM

Why spend thirty days with something you can do in one? For the record 😉 , this was incredibly difficult. I carry a jukebox in my head at all times. Could I do this next week and pick different answers? For most of them, yes.

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 1.49.18 PM

  1. “She Paints Me Blue” Something Corporate
  2. “Two Princes” Spin Doctors
  3. “Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard” Paul Simon
  4. “EZ” Pete Yorn
  5. “Existentialism on Prom Night” Straylight Run
  6. “Lonely Boy” Black Keys

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 1.49.26 PM

7. “Zak and Sara” Ben Folds

8. “Semi Charmed Life” Third Eye Blind

9. “This is the Time” Nothing More

10. “Street Spirit” Radiohead

11. “Snuff” Slipknot

12. “To the Moon and Back” Savage Garden Continue reading

Another Week in the Query Trenches

Hello, all you beautiful people. It’s been quite a week, hasn’t it? A month, maybe? I don’t know anymore.

my gifs johnny depp mort rainey secret window morton rainey ...

To be perfectly honest, my life hasn’t changed at all lately. I’ve been working from home for the past 2ish years, so I’m still working, same as always. And since I don’t go anywhere anyway, this is fine. Comparatively. Not an adjustment, in that respect.

Let’s talk querying, shall we? I’ve been fairly open about this process, aside from actual numbers, and I’ve shared my thoughts, the few highs, the many lows. This week has been no exception.

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16 Nostalgic High School Jams

if you’re my age, that is.

The world is in a state right now. Let’s travel back to a simpler time and one that seems like a lifetime ago. High school. Yes, the golden years. For some people, maybe. I didn’t hate high school, but I wouldn’t want to do it again either.

Music-wise, it was an interesting time because there was a transitional period happening. Boy bands were on the way out and emo was coming in. Although, I was in college when Fall Out Boy was big. So… whatever you want to call New Found Glory, that’s what was big. What genre are they anyway?

What was I listening to in high school? These, from what I recall:

“In the End” Linkin Park

I listened to a ton of Linkin Park back in the day, starting with this gem. I remember when I first saw this. It was a new sound back then, the rap/rock thing. And I was instantly drawn to Chester. Like, who is this little blond dude with the pipes? And when he sang that bridge? Lord. Plus, Chester was my grandfather’s name, and I found it odd for someone these days to have such a dated name. Anyways. Moving on.

“Hash Pipe” Weezer

The nostalgia is palpable. It didn’t get much better than this for me. Weezer was my favorite band for a few years. Maybe all of high school? I saw them live the summer before my senior year. And it started with this song. I had no idea what a hash pipe was, but I loved the song anyway. I remember the video cracking me up. Brian was my favorite, for the record.

“My Friends Over You” New Found Glory

Talk about a time machine. Wow. The whole look of this is so “high school” for me. Catchy times ten. Their music holds up, I’d say. I still listen to them from time to time. I ❤ “Dressed to Kill” Continue reading