I’m Only Me

I’m Only Me, my 95k women’s fiction novel
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A former teacher’s belief in fate is tested when she falls for the suave elitist who stole her dream job. Add a crush on a Bob-Dylan-obsessed neighbor, a strained friendship, and a clear future now lost in the mix. If only life were written like lesson plans.

Character Interviews

Lily Morgan

Tyler Stone

Mark Peterson

Hunter Morris

Anna Grant

Character Blog Posts

Blog Take-Over: Tyler Edition

Blog Take-Over: Hunter Edition

Novel Soundtrack

Track 1 “Waiting” Callum Graham

Track 2 “All the Same” Sick Puppies

Track 3 “Sweet Disposition” Temper Trap

Track 4 “Over and Over” Three Days Grace

Track 5 “Breathe Me” Sia

Bob Dylan

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Character Playlists

Tyler Stone – “The Bob Dylan Obsesser”

Lily Morgan – “The Classic Rocker”

Hunter Morris – “The 80s Popper”

Andrew I-Just-Realized-He-Doesn’t-Have-A-Last-Name – “The 90s Grunger”

Anna Grant – “The 80s Rocker”

Mark Peterson – “The Alt-Rock Top 40er”

Book Trailer


Where Author and MC Meet

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


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