You are a Badass – Book Review

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As usual, I’m late to the game. You are a Badass came out in 2013, and I’m just now reading it. Nevertheless, timing doesn’t matter. I would’ve been just as inspired back then.

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Most of the information presented in these pages is common sense; you just need someone to remind you every so often.

For instance:

  • Don’t let fear rule your life.
  • Don’t be stuck in the past.
  • Stop procrastinating.
  • Take a risk.
  • Try meditating.
  • Believe that you deserve what you want.

But, you know what? I didn’t feel like, “yeah, I’ve heard this before.” Even though I have. I mean, who hasn’t? So what makes this time different? What sets You are a Badass apart?

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WW: John Green

For this Writing Wednesday, I give you John Green. Why? Because he is an awesome person. And that’s the only explanation you need. Case in point:

Man, I love him.


*Update: A twenty-four hour period must have magic in it. After whining about my lack of motivation and all the changes I need to make to my manuscript, I woke up the next day and tackled that beast ALL DAY LONG. Seriously, besides 2-3 hours, I stared at this screen. It’s not healthy and I don’t recommend it, but I got so much accomplished! I realize not everyone can devote all their waking hours to writing–nor should they–so I don’t take my situation for granted. But wowzers. It was cool. I haven’t felt that spark in so long. I had hoped I’d feel this way about a new project, but hey, I’ll take it.

Writing Wednesday (WW) #1: Sophie Kinsella

Happy Wednesday! I’m sticking with this alliterative-days-blog-thing. I thrive on a schedule. Anyways…

I’m currently reading My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella. (Yes, I’m STILL trying to get through 1984. Lord, help me.) Sophie Kinsella is one of my favorite authors, and she writes the books I always saw myself writing. We have a similar style, which I feel odd saying. I mean, she’s a best selling author. And I’m…well, I’m typing a blog post no one will read.

But I digress.

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Writing Fears

I’ve been watching Vlog Brothers videos for years, and this is one of my favorites. I could listen to John Green talk about anything. In this video, he talks about trying to follow up the huge success of The Fault in Our Stars. His answer makes me respect him even more than I already had. Honesty at its finest.

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