Embracing the New WIP

I’m writing again! And it feels fantastic!

Of course, it has no plot. I don’t know if it should be a novel or short story. I’m having continuity issues. Past tense writing is hard!

But I’m writing again!

Image result for writing is hard gif

*Me. If I had a slinky. And looked like Johnny Depp. So, not me.

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Writing Wednesday: Another Twitter Pic

I’m stealing from Twitter again. Strike that. I’m sharing.

This caption could also be, “First draft” and “836th draft”

Not that I can relate to that. At all.

Have a good one! 😀

Motivational Monday: Can I buy some?

You know, it’s funny. I started these Motivational Monday posts with a clear purpose in mind: to find inspiring quotes, videos, etc. to share and to hopefully help give anyone reading a little boost in the creative department (or the just-plain-living department).

But on this particular Monday, I’m feeling as if the motivational well is dry. Like drought dry. Spitting dust dry. Yeah, it’s dry.

I’m faced with yet another set of changes to my manuscript that wouldn’t be much work necessarily, but would be emotionally draining. Cutting lines, although still painful, has gotten easier over time. And maybe losing a description or two is no big deal. But I’m contemplating a massive restructuring of the beginning chapters. Yikes. And crap. And really? REALLY?

Image result for sloth motivation meme

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It’s May!

Hello, all. Welcome to May. I want to post that Justin Timberlake meme, but I will refrain. Yeah, you know the one. Just knowing that you are now picturing it in your head, or googling it if you’re confused, is enough for me.

The first of the month, any month, is usually a positive and motivating day. A fresh start, to be as cliche as possible.

I stopped doing #authorconfession on Twitter for April, but I figured I’d pick it up again this month. For those who don’t know, this is a daily hashtag game (Is it a game though? It doesn’t feel like one…) with questions about your WIP and writing in general. Follow @_JM_Sullivan for details.

Today’s question was about your own writing goals for May, and I thought I’d share them here as well.

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Novel Update

It’s been all music all the time around here lately, so I thought I’d get back to the reason I started this blog in the first place: writing.

I was doing well with my novel, I’m Only Me. I was cleaning it up to a blinding shine. It got to the point where I was actually proud to say I wrote it. Then, something happened.

People happened. Opinions happened. Overactive brain happened.

I was fine living in my bubble of denial, floating along, thinking Tyler made sense and Lily was rational and everything that needed to take place, took place. Unfortunately, that’s not quite the case. Not entirely.

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Overusing the Participle Phrase

Apparently, I like the participle phrase. And also adverbs, but that’s for another post.

It has come to my attention that I use participle phrases way too much. It’s my 853rd pass of my manuscript, and this time, as I read it aloud, again, I’m noticing so many of my sentences have the same exact structure. And I freaked out. I freaked the hell out. My first thought, of course, was, How did I not notice this until now? Then I thought, Really? I have to go back again?

Let me give you some examples so you know what I’m talking about.

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I must confess. I’m addicted to editing. I’ve been tied to the same manuscript for seven years now. That’s a long time in case you weren’t aware. And I hear it’s strange to be addicted to editing? Beats me. Anyway, you may have seen this infographic before. It shows how long it took to write several famous novels. I’m right in there with Lord of the Flies and Harry Potter. Now of course Golding and Rowling are more talented than I will ever be, and they knew what they were doing at the time, I assume.

But none of that is the point of this post. Focus, Lauren.

I must also confess I’m in love with Ze Frank. That’s the point. The man is magnetic in every possible way. And I have developed a legit crush on him. I kid you not. FYI, it’s quite possible and highly likely the same will happen to you if you watch enough of his videos. Those eyes. Focus. This video in particular is great advice, if, like me, you struggle with walking away from a project or knowing when to stop.

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