You’ve Seen the 80s Aerobics Video, Right?

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This video makes me happy. It’s silly. It’s stupid. It shouldn’t be as entertaining as it is, but, dammit, I can’t watch it with a straight face. For your Feel-Good Friday, I present…

You could always watch the original, but the swapped music versions are better. There are some others with Taylor Swift, Fall Out Boy, and The Killers. Maybe more.

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Continuing Your Badassery

Feel Good Friday time! Here’s Jen Sincero’s final video in her Badass Video series. If you were interested in this coaching program, sorry to say, the link no longer works. This video was posted in 2013, so yeah. But the videos last forever! But don’t worry. There are other–much longer–videos on YouTube. I may post another one or two in the future.

This last video is about having a mantra. Some of the content is geared to promoting her program that no longer exists, but the rest is worth listening to.

The one take-away from this clip: when you decide to make a change, do it right away. The waiting is what causes you to back down. I agree with this 110%.

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You’re Still A Badass – Plus, Wall Update

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About two weeks ago I reviewed Jen Sincero’s You are a Badass (here), and before that, I posted one of her motivational videos (here). For your Feel Good Friday, here is Part Two of that video series to send you off into the weekend empowered.

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Do You Like Cookies? Do You Like Cookie Humor?

It’s Friday, people! Feel Good Friday to be precise.

So I spontaneously remembered–yes, that’s a thing–this comedian that I love. And you should also love.

Gary Gulman? Heard of him? He’s not as well known as he should be, and that’s a freaking shame. He’s hilarious! He talks about such simple, everyday things, but his observations are fantastic.Image result for cookies gif

And he talks about cookies. What more do you want? Oreos, Girl Scout Cookies, Fig Newtons, Fortune Cookies, to name a few. If you have an extra thirteen minutes and twenty-two seconds to spare, hit that play button and learn about the hierarchy of cookies.


On Pepperidge Farm:

I’m not gonna eat them if they’re all just in there milling around together. I need them separated in their own little apartments.

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You are a Badass – Book Review

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As usual, I’m late to the game. You are a Badass came out in 2013, and I’m just now reading it. Nevertheless, timing doesn’t matter. I would’ve been just as inspired back then.

Most of the information presented in these pages is common sense; you just need someone to remind you every so often.

For instance:

  • Don’t let fear rule your life.
  • Don’t be stuck in the past.
  • Stop procrastinating.
  • Take a risk.
  • Try meditating.
  • Believe that you deserve what you want.

But, you know what? I didn’t feel like, “yeah, I’ve heard this before.” Even though I have. I mean, who hasn’t? So what makes this time different? What sets You are a Badass apart?

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No Social Media Traffic? Who Cares!

You’ve written an amazing blog post. It’s relatable. It’s funny. It’s on a current topic. It’s well researched. Gifs have been chosen and placed with the utmost care. And no one reads it.


You’ve made an awesome YouTube video. The lighting is perfect. Your script is on point. Your cute dog made an accidental guest appearance in the background to up the aww factor. And three views? Wait a minute. What?

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Can you relate?

I’m sure you’ve heard about people who make decent money as bloggers or YouTubers. My first thought is GOALS, but the more practical thought is huh, well good for them, I guess.

I’m a realist. Look, I like to dream as much as the next gal, but I also know the chances of earning a living through these means are smaller than mini. They’re mini-mini.

As a realist, here’s some real talk:

  • I write blog posts very few read.
  • I make YouTube videos even fewer watch.
  • I won’t get into this here, but I also have a manuscript I can’t get a bite on. It’s a lot all at once, you know?

So how do you get traffic to your stuff? Where do you find an audience? Why don’t people care?Related image


You know what? Stop caring so much. It doesn’t matter. Don’t let numbers (or lack thereof) dictate your creativity.

It doesn’t matter.

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Find Your Inner Badass

Perhaps your 2018 isn’t exactly shining as brightly as you’d hoped.

Perhaps you’re in a slump. Or directionless.

Perhaps this doesn’t apply to you at all, but you clicked here anyway. (Thanks!)

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If you came here hoping to learn how to find your inner badass, my apologies. Because I don’t know. But Jen Sincero does, and I’m taking notes. You’ve probably heard of her book, You are a Badass. I’ve just started reading it, so this isn’t a book review. But so far, I’m wishing I’d read it a long time ago. She is super inspiring, and what she says is so relatable! I love her conversational tone and how she doesn’t have a holier than thou-ness about her like some self-help style books do. I’ll most likely do a full book review when I finish reading.

Update 2/16/18: You are a Badass – Book Review

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