Top 5 End Goals for My Novel: A Positive Writing Post

Let’s be honest. Usually when I write about writing, I’m complaining about something. Or I’m feeling like it’s never going to happen and I’m wasting my time. Or I’m struggling to find a reason to keep going. Or I’m stressing over the terrible odds in the publishing industry.

But today, I’m putting all of this aside for a more positive and uplifting writing post. I want to imagine, simply for the sake of this list, that I not only get an agent, but a book deal. So come imagine with me that my book is an actual physical book. Cool, right? These are the things I would be most excited about if my book ever becomes an actual book. Here we go!

1) Book Cover Reveal

Image result for wow  gif

I want to start with “I can’t imagine seeing my cover for the first time” but I’m trying to stick with the daydream that my book is an actual book. That said, this has to be the coolest moment for writers. One of the coolest.

I don’t have any ideas for a cover. As much as I love playing around with images and texts on Adobe Spark (follow me on Instagram: @laurenseewrites), I’ve never designed a cover. Well…if you check out the “I’m Only Me” tab above, there are a few lame pics I made, but nothing I’m exactly proud of. Nothing cover-worthy.

I’m drawn to those cartoony ones, and I’d definitely be happy with one of those as opposed to a stock photo of headless people. You know the ones. However, I doubt I would have any say in this and I’ll take whatever someone wants to offer me.

But that has to be an out of body experience to see your book as a book for the first time, cover and all. What a feeling.

2) In the Wild

Image result for here it is gif

And having people share pics of my book in the wild.

It’s one thing to see your book as a book, perhaps when a box of ARCs comes to your door. But to see it on a bookshelf—a bookshelf that is not your own—would be the moment it would feel real. “OMG, there it is!”

To see your book sitting on the shelf next to real life authors? I can’t. This story that was just an idea in your head has become a real life tangible thing? Magical. How do people process this? How can you see your story in person and still breathe? Continue reading

This Week in Querying…

Well, if you’re looking for good news, go to Twitter, but if you’re in search of a realistic view of a querying writer, you’re in the right place.

Image result for realistic gif

I’ve been querying the same novel for a long time. Perhaps too long. But I’m not giving up on it because I still stand by it and believe that some day, maybe, possibility, it’ll happen.

In the past few days, I’ve sent new queries, and I’ve received…

  • a 638 day rejection. Yeah, you read that right. I’d written this off over a year ago. I mean, I sent the query in January of 08. As in, 2018! 18!
  • a personalized rejection on a partial request that stings more than any other. This agent is so awesome and it would’ve been a dream to work with her. And while I’m still proud of myself for getting past the querying stage, I’m beyond disappointed.
  • a form rejection received within 3 hours of sending the query

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Character Collages

Author Confession: I only started an Instagram page to post my character collages. Well, those and all the other pics I’ve made on Adobe Spark.

I wanted to post all of the collages together in one place, so I can include these pics in the I’m Only Me tab above. I’ll be adding to this as I upload all the characters to Instagram. You can check out my Instagram page: @laurenseewrites

(I almost wish I hadn’t created these, so I could gush over how awesome they are without feeling conceited. 😀 ) Continue reading

Creating Novel Aesthetics

Happy Writing Wednesday, all!

If I haven’t mentioned this before, I’m obsessed with Adobe Spark. I’ve made an unhealthy amount of pictures for I’m Only Me (and everything else I write). It’s strangely addicting, and I may have a problem. I’ll be posting my novel pics on my Instagram in the coming weeks. I have a schedule and everything. Try to contain your excitement.


Well, I’m excited about it. I don’t know how to convey this without sounding like I’ve officially lost it. There’s something literally magical about seeing fictional characters that you’ve created come to life in a picture.

Related image

accurate representation of me scouring Pinterest

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Meet Lily Morgan: 2019

About two years ago, I created some interviews for each of my characters. I’m giving these an update, simply because I know my characters even better now. I’m not sure if I will re-post them as their own blog posts, but over the next few days-weeks, you can find the updated interviews in the I’m Only Me tab above.

Starting with my MC, Lily Morgan.

1. What is your age?


2. Do you have any siblings?

I’m an only child, but Anna and Hunter are pretty much my sisters.

3. Are your parents alive? Are they married? Are they divorced?

My parents are still together after twenty-some years. They live in Easton, which is about six hours away.

4. If you were sent to a deserted island what three things would you take?

Let me think…nothing alive, I assume? 1) iPod loaded with all my favorite songs. 2) Power generator to keep it charged. 3) A notebook. Then again, if I had my laptop, I could combine 1 and 3. I’m not sure now. Can I come back to this one?

5. Do you have a hidden talent?

Unless you count automatically assuming the worst in most situations, then no.

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The Query Queazies

On this wonderful Writing Wednesday, I’d like to document the following:

I sent two queries today.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to vomit.

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Coming Soon: Part 2 — The Indomitable Inbox

Thanks for spending some time here. #dreambig #makeithappen

January 2019 Writing Update

I’m wondering if the way I feel about what I write is how parents feel for their children. You love them. But they also make you question your life choices.

I swear, depending on the day, I either think, you know, this is pretty good or why did I write this?

Yesterday, I was super pumped because while agent stalking, I found two agents that seem perfect. I was reading one #MSWL, and my story has all the things!

Image result for is this real life gif

Then today, I remembered I am one of a gazillion people with the same dream. *sigh* There’s such a fine line between being pessimistic and realistic. Know what I mean?

I’m about 95% finished with this current WIP dissection. By current, I mean, final. Because it has to be. However, I’ve already returned to chapter one because I’m obsessed and can’t leave it alone. My biggest obstacle I’m facing? My opening pages. I’ve managed to cut out some crap from earlier drafts, but I wish my chapter one was as good as say, chapter 12, for example? 😀 The beginning of my book has always been my least favorite part. If I could send an agent something from the middle, I’d feel so much more confident. Grrr. Continue reading

For the Procrastinating Writer: Font Match

Yes, fonts.

I’m assuming since you’re here, you’re already procrastinating and most likely avoiding your NaNaWriMo project, right? Well, I’m here to help give you something to do, which, in the long run, will benefit your novel and make your characters rounder. At the very least, it’s something to do that’s actually related to the world of your novel.

Image result for procrastination gif

I was online–shocking–and I came across a particular font and thought Whoa, that’s exactly how Tyler would write!

And just like that, my afternoon was shot.

You may know of this website, but it was new to me:

a magical place with a gazillion fonts to download

So many fonts, people! I decided I’d try to match a font to each one of my characters. Why? Why not?! Listen, my characters in particular are more real to me than actual people, but if that’s not the case with yours, you may want to try this out. A person’s handwriting says something about them.

Do they write in all caps? Do they use a dark, thin line or a skinny one? Does it have loopy, swirly letters? Does it slant one way or the other? How large are the letters–in relation to each other? Is it neat or sloppy? Do they dot their i’s with hearts?

I managed to find fonts that match my characters pretty well. I actually mention two of my characters’ handwritings in the novel itself, so for Mark and Tyler, I already knew what to look for.

Here’s what I’ve found:

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 4.50.51 PM

So if you need something to procrastinate with, there you go! Or if you think knowing how your characters write could flesh them out, there you go! Either way, have fun! It’s strangely addicting.

Related image


Thanks for spending some time here. Happy font matching!

Writing Wednesday: Let the Revisions Begin!

Hello! Happy Halloween!

Related imageI’m at the library! Woo! I had to get out of my house. I tend to be more productive here, so here I am! I finished listening to my novel yesterday. Maybe the day before, I’m not sure exactly. As I was listening, I wrote down things that needed to be changed: some major, some only taking a second or two. Needless to say, I did the easy stuff yesterday. I saved the major undertakings for today.

I’m talking changing where the novel actually starts, for one thing. I’m not looking forward to this at all. But I know it’s for the best and that’s honestly what keeps me going. Knowing all of the changing I’m going to make will help the overall story and help its chances of being a thing outside of my computer screen.

Related image

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Writing Wednesday: I’m Waist Deep in the WIP Love-Hate


I started. I’ve been dreading looking at my novel again. (Why? Find out: Writing Wishes, Not Writing Goals). I’m in the process of listening to it. It’s just better that way. And I’m on chapter 20, which is about halfway.

It’s been interesting, for sure.

I think I’m going to write a post about dealing with first chapters–not advice, just venting–but for now, I’ll just say, my first chapter is pretty bad. Why didn’t anyone tell me this? Oy. I mean, at least it’s not like it’s the first thing an agent sees. OY.

Related image

Luckily, things got a little better and I could listen to this thing without cringing. For a few chapters… Continue reading