40 Vitamin String Quartet Arrangements You Should Hear

Continuing with my alt-versions of songs, this week, I bring you Vitamin String Quartet. I’ve mentioned this group in the past, namely when I was recommending music for a writing session. They’re perfect for that! But really, no time is a bad time for VSQ!

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I had an unnecessarily rough time narrowing this list down to forty. I say unnecessarily because…what does it matter? Who cares? Still, it was difficult. Their catalogue is huge, and I actually didn’t make it through the entire list!

Think of VSQ as an excuse to put virtually any band you’d ever want into your wedding ceremony. Yeah, not kidding.

So enjoy what I’ve painstakingly–for not reason whatsoever–whittled down for you:

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Writing Session Soundtrack

I LOVE music, more than I love writing, but I’m too distracted by it to have it on while I write. When people say “I like listening to music,” they usually mean while doing something else. When I listen to music, I listen to music. I get too involved. I know, I’m weird. I’m a lyrics person, so I have to pay attention to what’s being said. Even if I’m listening to songs I know, I still can’t listen while writing, because I’ll just want to sing.

So most of the time, I write in silence. The voices of the characters are in my head of course (that’s normal, right?), but I don’t write with music. Usually.

However, I have several recommendations that I use when I’m feeling super focused. Maybe they’ll help you write the next bestseller.

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