Random Lauren Facts

Let’s get personal. Blog personal. It’s a different kind of personal.

  • I want to be in a band in the worst way. I’d play bass (even though I don’t know how) and sing back-up. And I’d be awesome.

Bass Guitar Is Way Cooler on Behance:

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Where Did February Go?

Somehow, it’s the last day of February, and I have no clue how this happened. I made a prediction this month would be pretty productive.

Yeah, it wasn’t.

I guess I should say, I wasn’t. It’s not February’s fault. I can’t blame it for being short. I can’t blame its confusing one-day-summer, one-day-winter weather.

I could blame Netflix. And I will. I was binge-watching Friday Night Lights and Bates Motel. It’s the whole Netflix trap, that little countdown that takes you right into the next episode. The seconds tick by and I’m trying to decide if I should go do something or watch the next episode. By the time I’ve decided, the next one has already started and it doesn’t seem right to turn it off. Netflix knows what’s up. Sly devils.

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Writing Realistic Fiction

A few days ago, I read a comment on something I’d written and posted over in my writing community. To paraphrase, she said she likes reading about normal people.

Image result for normal memeMe too!

There’s nothing wrong with superheroes (Uh, Thor, anyone?) and dragons and talking dogs, but I don’t like reading about them. Watch a movie about them? Sure. Maybe I’m just narrow-minded, but I think there’s more to it.

When I read, I want to identify with the main character. I want to feel her struggles and maybe even say, “I know, right?” or “Me too!” It’s possible you can relate to Thor in some respects, but it’s not quite the same, you know?

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Text to Speech

I know I’m late to the party, but text to speech is awesome.

I first discovered my computer could do this around three years ago, and you’d think I’d discovered the meaning of life. It was just so amazing to me to hear something I wrote read back to me, even though it sounded robotic. It was like my very own audiobook! I do read my stuff aloud, which I highly recommend you do, but hearing it read by someone else is a great way to distance yourself from your work. And a bonus way to catch mistakes!

I was so amazed by this, in fact, that I wrote it into my novel. When Lily is typing and has writer’s block, she kills time with text to speech.

Anyway, my computer is a bit glitchy lately with this process, only reading one paragraph at a time unless I do this one thing and another thing…it’s a long story, so I turned to the internet. Behold: Text to Speech Reader!

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Books are Annoying

This post was inspired by both #authorconfession, a Twitter hashtag game, and another of my favorite VlogBrothers videos. Let’s talk about what annoys us when it comes to books.

Here’s Hank Green ranting about books. It’s awesome and oh-so-relatable.

Books can be annoying, can’t they? But unlike Hank, I’d rather complain about the content, not the appearance.

Other than the obvious gripes about a book (it’s boring, too long, too many characters, wooden dialogue, just plain lame), I haven’t been satisfied with a book’s ending lately.

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Writing Hidden Backstory

Lately, I’ve been picking at a one page narrative about Lily’s relationship with her first boyfriend, Todd. I actually have cherishsmithauthor to thank for the idea. Thanks, Cherish!

But it’s been much harder than I expected. There’s sort of a running joke in I’m Only Me about Lily’s boyfriend being boring.


I’ve always had a vague idea about their relationship, but I never really thought about it in detail. I’ve had to decide on what their first date was like, and why on Earth Lily would stay with this guy for three years. Trying to write this backstory is teaching me more about Lily. Now I wish I would’ve done this a few years ago!

Maybe I’ll post part of “Lily and Todd” in the future.

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That Inner Voice

Everyone has one. That inner voice.

Sometimes my inner voice is a bitch. “What are you doing? You’re not good enough? This is terrible. You should be ashamed.”

Sometimes my inner voice is my biggest fan. “Wow, great sentence. This is definitely getting published; don’t you worry. You’re an awesome writer.”

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Where Author and MC Meet: Part 1

I never intended to write a novel. It happened accidentally. I certainly didn’t set out to write a main character who is almost more me than I am.

English teacher, romantic comedy fan, cat lover, funny (I can say that about myself, right?), music fan, doubter, pessimist but “working on it”, small town dweller, fall enthusiast…I may have taken the notion of “write what you know” a bit too literally.

But for this “What Lily and I Have in Common” series, I must start with teaching and what prompted this accidental novel in the first place.

The short version goes like this: I was a content high school English teacher whose dream job teaching ninth and tenth grade was bruised when I was involuntarily transferred to middle school. Like Lily, I was told at the end of the school year, my first official one (again, just like Lily), so I had all summer to mull it over. And even though this event happened in 2011, the wound remains as fresh as the day I sat in that office and heard my fate. So fresh that I must now excuse myself to find more gauze.

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