My Top 20 Breaking Benjamin Songs

I’m not sure what possessed me, but I thought I’d attempt to compile my twenty favorite Breaking Benjamin songs. I’ve been wanting to make a playlist for when I can’t listen to all their songs in one go, so this just gave me the excuse to sort them as well. The top 5 were easy to rank, and everything after took way longer than it should’ve.

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I put a lot of time and thought into this, probably too much. For whatever reason, I wanted to get it right and really looked at each song as it’s own work and not in the context of the album. It’s not about which song sounds the best. Yes, I’m an adult and this is how I spend my time.

At first, I tried to choose a selection of songs from each album, but that’s not accurate. I like certain albums more than others, so I chose accordingly. Sorry, Saturate. So read on if you’d like my commentary. If you’re just here for the list, then check out the titles and see if you agree with my brilliance. And if you don’t like Breaking Benjamin, what are you even doing here?

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Here are some stats, if that’s your jam. My Top 20 is comprised of this many songs from each album:
Image result for breaking benjamin saturate  Image result for breaking benjamin we are not alone  Image result for breaking benjamin phobia  Image result for breaking benjamin dear agony  Image result for breaking benjamin dark before dawn  Image result for breaking benjamin ember
1                     3                      4                     6                       3                       3

On to the list already!

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20. Away

So fly away and leave it behind / Return some day with red in your eyes

Listen. This will sound crazy, but my favorite part of this song are the three drum beats right at the start. Why? I don’t know. I wish I could explain it.

Ben’s voice sounds so amazing on these verses. The feels. I love his voice on this whole album. It sounds richer, for lack of a better word. I hope they do more songs like this on future albums.

19. Hollow

Close your eyes, drive away the cloud that hides the light

Can we talk about that breath in the intro for a second? I mean, who decides to include that breath? Does Ben say, “Hey, guys, I’m thinking about breathing here. What do you think?” Does the manager say, “You know what, Ben? The intro is missing something. How about a single breath?” I want to thank whoever had the idea because I’m a big fan of Ben’s breathing.


I also love how it starts soft. Love. Lyrically, the first verse is amazing Ben must have been reading a self-help book when he was writing this. “Love left me hollow” is a pretty awesome line as well.

The guitar solo is exceptionally good. This is the first album with the current line-up, and I think Ben definitely upgraded.

18. Shallow Bay

I’m so inclined to make you mine / You’re out of line and out of time

I first heard this song on their concert DVD for Phobia, and I liked it the first time I heard it–which I can honestly say is not true for all Breaking Benjamin songs. I know, right? This may seem silly, but I remember loving the way Ben’s fingers looked when he played the riff before every line in the verse.

Saturate is my least favorite album, so this is actually the only song to make the cut. It’s not a bad album; it’s just their other songs are so far and above. That’s natural for a band as they progress. Though some bands get worse as they go. I’m rambling now.

For me, this is the kind of song you play when you want to feel tougher than you really are. Since I’m not tough at all, this is pretty effective.

Just a tiny detail, but for headphone users, I like how it starts only on the right side. #itsthelittlethings

And you gotta love an outro with strings. Continue reading

My Currents: August 2019

I’m skipping June and July, so here’s a recap of some of my August interests. I should really rename this, “Why I Don’t Get Anything Accomplished.”

A List of Currents and Lasts

Current Album in My Car

Ember Breaking Benjamin

I have had the same album in my car for so long, you’d think it was stuck and I had no choice.

Image result for breaking benjamin gif

Ha! Not to worry.


Current Album in My Stereo

OK Computer Radiohead

I had a bit of a Radiohead binge this summer while I cleaned out my spare room. Such an awesome band. I’ll probably do a post about them at some point, namely the total brilliance of Street Spirit and Paranoid Android.

Image result for radiohead gif

Last Song Played on Spotify YouTube

“Allison Road” Gin Blossoms

I miss the 90s.

Image result for gin blossoms gif

She fills up her sails with my wasted breath.


Last Netflix Binge

Orange is the New Black

Image result for orange is the new black gif

Current Netflix Binge


Image result for mindhunter gif

Other Noteworthy Binge

Better Call Saul

For some reason, I’d never finished watching season 4. I watched the last half in about 2 days, I think. I love Bob Odenkirk and that character. The show is just fantastic. It’s so well written and the cinematography is perfection. Ah, it’s so good. I’ve considered rewatching the entire series. I still might. It’s that good.

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My Favorite Play-Along Piano Songs

Last week, I played the piano for the first time in probably four years. It was sort of like riding a bike–if you tend to crash frequently.

But the longer I played, it came back to me. Strange. Anyway, I was reminded of all the songs I learned to play just so I could play along.

After All These Years – Silverchair

To continue with my bike analogy, I crashed horribly last week. Like, blood everywhere when I tried to play this. But the further into the song I got, it started to come back. Woo! There are like 45 flats and sharps and ten key changes in this one. I tend to round up.

Existentialism on Prom Night – Straylight Run

It’s been years, but I think this is the first song I tried to “play along” to. I’m sure it was an epic fail.

The Luckiest – Ben Folds

If you’re new around here, Ben Folds is one of my favorite people ever. And that’s all I need to say. Oh, one more thing. I played this at my piano recital! Continue reading

Random Songs of Awesomeness

Part One

Why say awesome songs when you can say songs of awesomeness? Exactly.

So I’m starting a new series, and for this one, I’m trying to broaden the genre. If possible. I do tend to listen to a lot of a similar sound these days. But I love so many random songs that I have yet to feature on my blog. Some are repeats from before because their awesomeness cannot be contained to one post.

Or I’ve forgotten I already posted it.

Assuming I stick with this series, expect a lot of songs. It’s a deep well of tunes in my brain. The order is also random, in the spirit of the theme. Enjoy!

“Dance with the Devil” Breaking Benjamin

Yes, the order is random, but I have to start with my man, Ben Burnley. Love the whisper at the end. Stop it.

“The Pot” Tool

I don’t know what it is about this song. I do not listen to any other Tool song. But I love this one. That. bass. line.

“Stranger” Katie Costello

“Switched at Birth” brought me here. One of the few songs with a female vocalist that you’ll ever see on this blog. Continue reading

Another 18 Random Songs I Forgot Were Awesome

On this Music Monday, I bring you eighteen more songs I forgot about. That may be a stretch. It’s not that I forgot about these songs, but it’s more like, I used to listen to them constantly, only to replace them with other songs. So I try to think about songs I used to be obsessed with that I haven’t listened to lately.

In case you were wondering the criteria for this list. As I’m sure you were.

This list is a bit more random than the last. The previous, while still random, consisted of a particular sound. As in, the same radio station would play all of them. This list…eh, not so much.

In the order I thought of them, and without further ado, enjoy.

“Dashboard” Modest Mouse

I have no idea what this song is about. About five years ago, I had “Dashboard” on my novel soundtrack, but only because I was obsessed with it at the time. So catchy. Weird. But catchy.

My favorite line: We talked about nothing, which is more than I wanted you to know. Love.

“The Widow” Mars Volta

Uh, yeah. I know nothing about this band. All I know is this song is on fire. What are these vocals?! Seriously. While not my go-to genre (what is this genre?), this track packs a punch and sometimes you just need hit in the face. Know what I mean? Continue reading

18 Random Songs I Forgot Were Awesome

Are awesome? Hmm.

Here’s a list of some songs I found in my laptop’s music folder. I’ve been using Spotify lately, so I haven’t opened this folder in a while. I was introduced to most of these songs from a local radio that no longer exists. These songs were on heavy, heavy rotation about three or four years ago. Blah, blah, get to the tunes.

In alphabetical order for bonus points!

Bush – “The Only Way Out”

Yes! One of my favorite quotes makes a pretty good song. I don’t think this song made it big. Perhaps it wasn’t grungy enough for Bush fans? Beats me. I love it. Continue reading

Music Monday: From One Ben to the Next

I’ve been obsessed with Breaking Benjamin for the past few months, which you may recall if you’ve spent any time around this blog, but I recently went to see Ben in concert. It wasn’t Ben Burnley though. It was one of my other favorite Bens:

Ben Freaking Folds!

Image result for ben folds gif

Here’s what’s important: Ben Folds is awesome. I love him. He is crazy talented. And that’s all there is to say.

This was my second time seeing Ben Folds in concert. Both times, he performed with a symphony. Classy.

I’m not doing a concert review or summary or anything like that, because, frankly, it would be just a lot of me raving about how insanely amazingly (double adverbs?!?) awesome Ben Folds truly is. 😀

Instead, I’ve decided to highlight a few of my favorite Ben songs. Perhaps if you are new to Ben, this may serve as your intro. Enjoy.

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More Random Lauren Facts

It’s time to share some more random facts about me. Why? I have no idea.


My treadmill is my happy place. Look, some people are anti-treadmill. They’re all about “the outdoors” and “natural light” but I’m doing just fine, thanks. “Treadmill TV” anyone? Yes! It’s this total awesome sauce YouTube channel, where basically, someone runs with a camera so it’s like a first person view of a trail, or a city sidewalk, or wherever. Last week I was in Australia. Yesterday, I went to Singapore. No passport required.

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Don’t Worry. I’m Not Dead.

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I have returned. Please. Contain your excitement.

I’ve been a bit MIA lately. Twitter, this, my writing community… I’m such a routine-oriented person that when something new comes along, it throws me off so much that something’s gotta give. In this case, three somethings.

My cat’s social media presence is still very much alive. Because priorities.

So what’s been going on with me? What is it that has screwed over my precious routine?

I got a job, y’all.

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For that and other randomness, keep reading. 🙂

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