Where Author and MC Meet: Part 4

Everything happens for a reason.:

Does it though? Lily says yes. I say no.

I’m taking a different approach this time. I wanted to talk about something Lily and I don’t see eye to eye on.


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Where Author and MC Meet: Part 3

Lily and I both love romantic comedies. The main difference to note right up front, however, is that I know it’s just a movie. Lily sees a sort of reality in these movies and even wants to live in one. She wants to fall for the leading man–or change someone into a leading man. Sorry, Tyler.

Karen Greenfield

For the most part, romantic comedies are all the same: boy meets girl, they fall in love, the end. It’s a formula. I think that’s part of the appeal.

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Blog Take-Over: Hunter Edition

OMG, I am so honored to be doing this, you have no idea! I wrote some notes so that I wouldn’t just ramble on and on. (I read Tyler’s post. What was that? He has the best hair ever, but his brain is beyond bizarre. God love him.)

Let’s get started!

When I found out I was allowed to post videos, I knew exactly which one I wanted. Are you ready for this? It’s the music video for “What is Love” by Haddaway! OMG, it’s the best song ever! This has been my favorite song since for-ev-er. There was that stupid SNL skit where those guys bob their heads and it made this song into a joke. Like excuse me? Don’t diss Haddaway. OK, let’s watch!

OMG, I can’t even. It’s a perfect mix of chest and vest! Can you say, yum???

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Books are Annoying

This post was inspired by both #authorconfession, a Twitter hashtag game, and another of my favorite VlogBrothers videos. Let’s talk about what annoys us when it comes to books.

Here’s Hank Green ranting about books. It’s awesome and oh-so-relatable.

Books can be annoying, can’t they? But unlike Hank, I’d rather complain about the content, not the appearance.

Other than the obvious gripes about a book (it’s boring, too long, too many characters, wooden dialogue, just plain lame), I haven’t been satisfied with a book’s ending lately.

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