Continuing Your Badassery

Feel Good Friday time! Here’s Jen Sincero’s final video in her Badass Video series. If you were interested in this coaching program, sorry to say, the link no longer works. This video was posted in 2013, so yeah. But the videos last forever! But don’t worry. There are other–much longer–videos on YouTube. I may post another one or two in the future.

This last video is about having a mantra. Some of the content is geared to promoting her program that no longer exists, but the rest is worth listening to.

The one take-away from this clip: when you decide to make a change, do it right away. The waiting is what causes you to back down. I agree with this 110%.

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You’re Still A Badass – Plus, Wall Update

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About two weeks ago I reviewed Jen Sincero’s You are a Badass (here), and before that, I posted one of her motivational videos (here). For your Feel Good Friday, here is Part Two of that video series to send you off into the weekend empowered.

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Find Your Inner Badass

Perhaps your 2018 isn’t exactly shining as brightly as you’d hoped.

Perhaps you’re in a slump. Or directionless.

Perhaps this doesn’t apply to you at all, but you clicked here anyway. (Thanks!)

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If you came here hoping to learn how to find your inner badass, my apologies. Because I don’t know. But Jen Sincero does, and I’m taking notes. You’ve probably heard of her book, You are a Badass. I’ve just started reading it, so this isn’t a book review. But so far, I’m wishing I’d read it a long time ago. She is super inspiring, and what she says is so relatable! I love her conversational tone and how she doesn’t have a holier than thou-ness about her like some self-help style books do. I’ll most likely do a full book review when I finish reading.

Update 2/16/18: You are a Badass – Book Review

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Motivational Monday: Quotes

If you’ve been reading my posts, you probably know I’m a fan of inspirational quotes. I’m not saying they work. Like, I’m feeling down, I read one, and suddenly I feel like I can conquer the world. That’d be nice, but no.

I just like their optimism and positivity. Both of those do not occur naturally in me, so I think of these quotes as supplements–vitamins, if you will–that I take daily. I have a day calendar of these quotes, and I get a boost as I read them. The feeling soon subsides, but in that five to ten second span, life is a little more OK. The other day, I read a quote that struck me more deeply than some of the others.

And I wanted to share it with you.



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Motivational Monday: Can I buy some?

You know, it’s funny. I started these Motivational Monday posts with a clear purpose in mind: to find inspiring quotes, videos, etc. to share and to hopefully help give anyone reading a little boost in the creative department (or the just-plain-living department).

But on this particular Monday, I’m feeling as if the motivational well is dry. Like drought dry. Spitting dust dry. Yeah, it’s dry.

I’m faced with yet another set of changes to my manuscript that wouldn’t be much work necessarily, but would be emotionally draining. Cutting lines, although still painful, has gotten easier over time. And maybe losing a description or two is no big deal. But I’m contemplating a massive restructuring of the beginning chapters. Yikes. And crap. And really? REALLY?

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Motivational Monday: Dead Poets Society

Another week is upon us.

As you go out into the world today, I want you to remember this clip. Or if you just need some Robin Williams in your life, remember this clip.

But why not show the “Carpe Diem” clip? Ha, joke’s on you. I already did.

Take care of yourselves, and have an awesome week.

Motivational Monday #1

I feel sorry for Mondays. Someone has to be first.

If you find yourself dragging on Monday morning, you’re not alone. Mondays were the worst for me when I was teaching. It was the death of Weekend Me, and I was forced to transform into Teacher Me. And the metamorphosis was exhausting.

For me, that drive to school (about 10 mins) needed to have a soundtrack to wake me up and pump me up.

I turned to Three Days Grace.

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