Songs I’m Binging This Week #4

Happy December! Can you believe it’s December? I’m in denial.

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Anyways, it’s been a minute since I’ve made a music post beyond Breaking Benjamin, so I figured I’d share a few songs I’ve been repeating lately. Here we go!

Snuff – Slipknot

Again. Yes, I know. I have a problem.

At this point, I have to laugh. I mean, what, is this like the twenty-seventh time I’ve mentioned this one? But this song. I can’t with this song. I had this on loop for a solid hour while I cleaned my house. It never gets old. And I can now, without a doubt, crown this my number 3 favorite song of all time. That is an honor, let me tell you. Continue reading

My Currents: August 2019

I’m skipping June and July, so here’s a recap of some of my August interests. I should really rename this, “Why I Don’t Get Anything Accomplished.”

A List of Currents and Lasts

Current Album in My Car

Ember Breaking Benjamin

I have had the same album in my car for so long, you’d think it was stuck and I had no choice.

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Ha! Not to worry.


Current Album in My Stereo

OK Computer Radiohead

I had a bit of a Radiohead binge this summer while I cleaned out my spare room. Such an awesome band. I’ll probably do a post about them at some point, namely the total brilliance of Street Spirit and Paranoid Android.

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Last Song Played on Spotify YouTube

“Allison Road” Gin Blossoms

I miss the 90s.

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She fills up her sails with my wasted breath.


Last Netflix Binge

Orange is the New Black

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Current Netflix Binge


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Other Noteworthy Binge

Better Call Saul

For some reason, I’d never finished watching season 4. I watched the last half in about 2 days, I think. I love Bob Odenkirk and that character. The show is just fantastic. It’s so well written and the cinematography is perfection. Ah, it’s so good. I’ve considered rewatching the entire series. I still might. It’s that good.

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Alex Hefner and Beats! Happy Music Monday!

A 2-Parter. Here we go!

Part 1: Alex Hefner reacted to “This is the Time” by Nothing More and it made my whole week.

There’s something so entertaining about seeing someone genuinely loving a song you love–especially the first time they hear it. So this reaction in particular was awesome. I enjoyed this video so much that I decided to include it in a post.

The whole idea of watching someone watch a music video is a bizarre concept, but there are countless reactions channels that prove bizarre works.

I love to see Nothing More getting some attention. This song is just…ah. Love it! Love every second of it.

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My Favorite Play-Along Piano Songs

Last week, I played the piano for the first time in probably four years. It was sort of like riding a bike–if you tend to crash frequently.

But the longer I played, it came back to me. Strange. Anyway, I was reminded of all the songs I learned to play just so I could play along.

After All These Years – Silverchair

To continue with my bike analogy, I crashed horribly last week. Like, blood everywhere when I tried to play this. But the further into the song I got, it started to come back. Woo! There are like 45 flats and sharps and ten key changes in this one. I tend to round up.

Existentialism on Prom Night – Straylight Run

It’s been years, but I think this is the first song I tried to “play along” to. I’m sure it was an epic fail.

The Luckiest – Ben Folds

If you’re new around here, Ben Folds is one of my favorite people ever. And that’s all I need to say. Oh, one more thing. I played this at my piano recital! Continue reading

Songs I’m Binging This Week #3

I’ve been a bit MIA lately, but I hope to get back to regular posting–starting with this #musicmonday edition.

Disturbed “Land of Confusion”

Why this wasn’t on my favorite covers post, I can’t say, but it’s awesome.

Corey Taylor “Taciturn”

There’s a super awesome solo concert with covers I never would’ve imagined (Eagles and CCR, really? Yes.) I’d never heard “Taciturn” before this concert, so I thought I’d check it out after loving it at first listen. And boom, the live version sounds exactly like the studio one. Why? Because it’s Corey Freaking Taylor.

Five Finger Death Punch “I Refuse”

Another slow-jam. Ha! Is this a slow-jam? Beats me. I like it though. I do like FFDP, but I have to say, their songs all sound the same, no? Especially the guitar solos. The slower ones have more of their own sound, I think. This guitar solo in particular is not very FFDP at all. Thanks to Pandora for this one.

Korn “Coming Undone”

First off, this album cover is the stuff of nightmares. Now, to me, Korn is synonymous with “Freak On a Leash” and nothing can change my mind. I don’t know much of their music at all. Not everything needs an explanation. This is pretty catchy despite how repetitive it is. Thanks for Alex Hefner for this one.

Disturbed “Sticken”

Disturbed again?? It’s simple. I was doing a 1k piece puzzle in my living room, as one does, and Pandora’s Breaking Benjamin radio was playing a crap-ton of Disturbed tracks.

So, yeah. That’s it.

Until next week, rock on.

Thanks for spending some time here.

Songs I’m Binging This Week #2

“There’s A Place” All American Rejects

If I find the strength to write a post I’ve been thinking about writing, you’ll see this song again. Short version: My novel’s main character looks 98% like Tyson Ritter–but like “Dirty Little Secret” era Tyson Ritter. But then I saw this video, and I couldn’t stop watching it. I mean, it’s Tyler. He’s real, and it’s just so weird to me. Surreal, actually. The whole vibe of the song and everything. I can’t. I. can’t. The thumbnail alone. It’s too much. Gah, I’m insane. Moving on.

“This is the Time” Nothing More

This is one of the first songs I featured when I started writing music posts. I listened to this on a loop for about twenty-five minutes the other night. I think I’m so stuck on this song because it came out during a time in my life where I needed a song to cling to. My job was a nightmare, and I remember coming home and just cranking this up and forgetting how horrible my day was.

I’m still in love with this line:

We always start with good intentions but lose ourselves along the way.

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When You Discover the Repeat Button

It’s pretty simple, folks.

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This sounds like I’m making it up, and perhaps it exposes my stupidity, but here’s my story.

I’ve had the same car for probably ten years (honestly, I have no idea. It’s been a long time though.) And in the past week or two, I discovered there’s a repeat button for CDs. My life will never be the same.

Yes, CDs. Get on my level.

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My Currents: March 2019

My Currents: January 2019

My Currents: February 2019

Time for an update.

A List of Currents and Lasts

Current Album in My Car

Dear Agony Breaking Benjamin

Same as February. What can I say? I love them.

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Current Album in My Stereo

Ember Breaking Benjamin

I may have a problem, but holy holy, I love this album.


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Last Song Played on Spotify

“Best Deceptions” Dashboard Confessional

Technically, it was YouTube. I haven’t used Spotify lately. Anyway, I had a random line in my head, remembered this song, looked it up, and was amazed by the angst. It didn’t seem as angsty in high school–probably because everything was. 🙂


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Last Netflix Binge

Nate Bargatze

Not a binge.

And I haven’t watched this yet, so I don’t know if it’s any good.

But I saw this guy on a different comedy show on Netflix last year and some random YouTube clips. I’ll be checking this special out asap. Comedy is so subjective, but I love this guy.


Current YouTube Obsession

Insane Reader

He’s just a kid. Well, I think he’s 18? So it’s a little weird. But, all the same, he cracks me up. This video showed up in my recommended list, and I was sold. What I love about him is that he isn’t trying too hard. He doesn’t feel the need to be extreme–or drop F bombs every 3 seconds like some other BookTubers I’ve seen. That doesn’t make you edgy. It makes you sound like you don’t have a decent vocabulary.–so he comes across as natural. His innocence is adorable.


Last Movie Watched

I honestly can’t remember.

But I’m looking forward to the next Avengers flick. If Bucky doesn’t return, I’m done with Marvel.

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Current Read



I’ve been focused on writing some short stories and querying my novel.

On the 24th, I submitted two short stories to the same publication that found me worthy last year. 😀 Here’s hoping I haven’t lost my touch. By this time next month, I’ll know.

As far as the novel, no news to share, but I’m staying hopeful.

Thanks for spending some time here! 

The Most Unrequited of “Unrequited Love Songs”

Happy V-Day, you. To celebrate this fine day, here are my favorite songs featuring unrequited love, which, of all the types of love, is by far, the best kind of all.

Want more songs for the day? Need Some Tunes for Valentine’s Day? I’ve Got You

“Sitting, Waiting, Wishing” Jack Johnson

“Vermillion Pt. 2” Slipknot

“Closure” Chevelle

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Need Some Tunes for Valentine’s Day? I’ve Got You

Well, folks. It’s that time of year again. Not to worry. I have some tunes for you. Here’s your 2019 Anti-Valentine Day’s Playlist. No commentary with these. Just my favorite lyrics.

If You’re Feeling Sad

“The Night We Met” Lord Huron

I had all and then most of you/Some and now none of you

“Last to Know” Three Days Grace

And when she left me for you, I was the last to know

And when she leaves you for dead, you’ll be the last to know

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