Breaking Benjamin is Back!

I’m sure this is obvious, but I’m saying it anyway: I love Breaking Benjamin. They rock my socks clear off my feet and straight into the washing machine. I love them.

Disclaimer: When I discuss rant about music, I get hyper. I lose my dignity. I turn into a thirteen-year-old girl. There will be gushing praise and general, amped excitement. If you’re expecting a review highlighting lyrical content, chord structure, etc. you’ll be disappointed. I’m just a girl who loves this band.

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About a week ago, BB released–nay, unveiled!–their new single on YouTube. I’ll get to that, but first, let’s take a look at their entire discography, shall we?

1) Saturate is easily my least favorite Breaking Benjamin album. On its own, it stands up as a solid album, but in comparison to their later material, this one just doesn’t hold up for me. Their first single “Polyamorous”, though awesome, isn’t even my favorite of the album. I actually prefer the acoustic version. Go figure.

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My favorite track from Saturate is…

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Motivational Monday #1

I feel sorry for Mondays. Someone has to be first.

If you find yourself dragging on Monday morning, you’re not alone. Mondays were the worst for me when I was teaching. It was the death of Weekend Me, and I was forced to transform into Teacher Me. And the metamorphosis was exhausting.

For me, that drive to school (about 10 mins) needed to have a soundtrack to wake me up and pump me up.

I turned to Three Days Grace.

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Length Matters #2

I’m talking, of course, about songs. What did you think I meant?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some music, so I thought I’d share my favorite songs that are a bit long-winded. I went with songs over five minutes, which really isn’t even that long. This is by no means an all inclusive list since I’m not about to do research for this.

Many of these, if not all, have that quality I have decided to call, “You-Think-It’s Over-But-It’s-Not Syndrome.” Very creative, don’t you think? What I also love is how some of these songs have sections, like you could split them into parts and almost make different songs out of one. Awesome.

From shortest to longest, here we go:

“Yellow Ledbetter” Pearl Jam

This one barely makes the cut time-wise, but I love it too much to care. I didn’t get into Pearl Jam until my local radio station started playing them, like constantly. I have no idea what he’s saying, and I don’t think the lyrics in the video are accurate, but again, I love it too much to care.

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Acoustic > Original

When I started this blog, I figured I would only talk about writing. Lately, I’ve been focusing on music. But it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want. 😛

I have compiled a list of what I believe to be acoustic tracks that are superior to, or just as awesome as, their original versions. Here we go.

1) “Chandelier” Sia –> Better Than Original

It’s funny how you can put a dance beat on a song and everyone assumes it’s a feel-good tune. When you strip it and listen to the lyrics, it’s an honest portrayal of someone struggling with alcohol, and it becomes a completely different song. Sia has major pipes.

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