Embracing the New WIP

I’m writing again! And it feels fantastic!

Of course, it has no plot. I don’t know if it should be a novel or short story. I’m having continuity issues. Past tense writing is hard!

But I’m writing again!

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*Me. If I had a slinky. And looked like Johnny Depp. So, not me.

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WW: John Green

For this Writing Wednesday, I give you John Green. Why? Because he is an awesome person. And that’s the only explanation you need. Case in point:

Man, I love him.


*Update: A twenty-four hour period must have magic in it. After whining about my lack of motivation and all the changes I need to make to my manuscript, I woke up the next day and tackled that beast ALL DAY LONG. Seriously, besides 2-3 hours, I stared at this screen. It’s not healthy and I don’t recommend it, but I got so much accomplished! I realize not everyone can devote all their waking hours to writing–nor should they–so I don’t take my situation for granted. But wowzers. It was cool. I haven’t felt that spark in so long. I had hoped I’d feel this way about a new project, but hey, I’ll take it.

June is here

When I was a teacher, I prayed for June. June, June, June. Come on, June. Now that I’m not wishing my life away hoping for summer, I’m actually bummed that it’s June already. I’m not ready for summer yet. I must have blinked and missed spring entirely.

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But a new month means new goals and plans. First, I thought I’d revisit what I projected for May and see how I faired.

  1. Stop editing: Success!
  2. Final beta read(s): In progress–this is out of my hands 😀
  3. Find the courage to say goodbye to my characters: Success –sort of
  4. Transfer love to other WIP: Fail. An epic one.

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Where have I been?

Fear not. I have returned.

You know, it’s of little consequence I’ve been absent from this blog for most of April so far. However, I’ll let you know how I’ve been spending my waking hours on the off chance someone may actually read this and wish to know. Ha.

I got a new job. Sort of.

I’m not working for the government or anything, but the work I’m involved with is treated in the same way as top secret, behind closed doors, White House dealings. What I can tell you is I’m what’s called a Rater for the educational company, Pearson. This basically means I’m scoring student essays from 8:30 to 5:00. And that’s all I can say about it. 😛

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